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One Month

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m in between projects. I still have McCall 5575 to finish, but considering the way my shape is proportioned at the moment, I’m really not sure how this dress is going to fit once it’s completed – consequently, I’m not really motivated to finish it right now. I’m leaning toward tracing out a new size on Jalie 2005 (which I found out is being discontinued and replaced with Jalie 2805), but while I figure out what to do next, I’ll leave you with a new photo of Easton – who is one month old today!

Emmeline Complete

Between having a newborn, going to Taylor’s end of the year school functions (her last day is tomorrow), and the daily housechore activities, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to find the time to sew over the last few weeks! But somehow, I’ve been able to squeeze in enough time to finish my Emmeline Apron.

Since this apron is fully reversible, I made two contrasting sides – the one on the left is my ‘naughty’ side (I used Alexander Henry’s Tattoo fabric in black) and the reverse is ‘nice’ (I used Alexander Henry’s Madison). I am throughly thrilled with the way the whole project turned out. It looks fantastic on and was easy to sew – I didn’t even mind doing the hand sewing on the bias strap edges! So what are you waiting for, grab yourself this pattern and join our Emmeline Sew Along (by the way, the deadline to upload your photos has been extended to June 15)!


It seemed like while I was pregnant, I stopped blogging about celebrity fashion. If you’ve been missing this segment of my site, start preparing yourself for a double dose of celebrity style knock-offs. Not only am I intending on starting this back up on my site again, I’ll be putting fresh commentary (not seen here) on Threadbanger every Monday (just in case you’ve missed it, here’s last week’s entry). While you’re there, be sure to check out the latest Threadheads episode and find out how you can win a Janome sewing machine!

The Bodice

Now that my fabric has been cut, I started sewing on the Emmeline apron. Only the bodice pieces have been sewn, but I’m considering this a good start since Easton decided that his nap was only going to last a few minutes!

I’m starting to see the apron take shape and I can’t wait for the chance to work on it some more (I’m crossing my fingers for a longer nap today)!

A Truckload Of Fabrics

Easton and I finally made our way to Needle Nook Fabrics this week to check out their new shipment – needless to say, I didn’t come home empty handed (in fact I could have purchased more, but showed some restraint)!

I wound up purchasing 3 yards of a pink, brown and white stripe knit (enough for both Taylor and I some shirts), a gorgeous turquoise jersey (I’m envisioning making myself the sleeveless version of Jalie 2806 for this), a yellow and white stripe knit (I’m thinking of making a v-neck version of Jalie 2005), a brown with pink polka dots jersey for Taylor (I have no idea of what pattern to use, but I’ll know it when I see it!), a multi-color yarn dye stripe, a wonderfully soft grey knit (it was to cozy not to buy), and lastly a fantastic red, black and white print. Bret has promised that if he goes fishing this week that he’ll allow me some serious sewing time – it looks like I’ll be sweatshopping it soon!
Lastly (because it has nothing to do with sewing), a photo of a my children napping…. it was too sweet not to share:

Now it’s off to the softball fields – Taylor has a busy day of practice, games, and pictures! What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday’s Links On Friday

Between attending end of the year school events (can you believe Taylor only has 5 more days left?), changing lots of diapers, and attending a few Riverfest activities, I nearly forgot about Thursday’s Links!
I stopped working with resin when I found out that I was pregnant (it’s a bit caustic). So now that Easton is finally here, I can try my hand at making a few jewelry pieces. Naughty Secretary’s Club posted a great video tutorial on casting a resin bracelet (which will also be featured in the upcoming book, The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry due out this fall).
I love this bib tutorial that can be found on Nicole Mallalieu Designs. I plan on making quite a few of these – especially when Easton gets older.
A fun, vintage chicken pot holder. [link via Niki’s Ventures]
Another pincushion that I must make – it takes the cake (alright that was a bad pun). [link via Craft]
A new episode of Sew Forth Now is up – this one addresses dress forms.
It’s a bit technical, but a great article none the less – How fusible and adhesive sewing products hold up over time. [link via Spoonflower]
Need a new bag? Here’s a few free tutorials to try out: The Hobo Bag, a wristlet, and fabric basket. [links via Craft]
A cute refashion for the summer – the t-shirt to halter (you’ll need to click the link on the sidebar).

New Jalies

Even though my sewing hasn’t been as productive as what it was about a month ago (newborns will do that to you), I’m still doing lots of ‘planning’ (which is one of my favorite parts anyway). So, imagine my excitement when I got an email from Jalie the other day saying they have 3 new top patterns coming out this month (and 4 skating patterns for those who are interested)! After looking them over, I’ve decided I’m buying three – I’m even making a trip to Needle Nook this week to check out the fabrics she just got in just to use in these tops (I’m interested in some solid cotton fabrics and a few stripes). By the time my patterns arrive, I’m hoping to have my Emmeline apron completed and will be ready to trace off some tops for Taylor and I!
Speaking of the Emmeline sew along…. I’ve managed to cut everything but the bias strips out. How’s your apron coming along? Don’t forget you have until May 31 to upload you creations to the Flickr pool for your chance to win this month’s prize!


Before refashioning clothing ever became popular, quilt shops and independent fabric stores across the country taught sewers how to transform an ordinary sweatshirt into a jacket. From what I remember, most of those designs were simple and included lots of applique embellishments. Numerous years have passed and now that transforming clothing into something new has become wildly popular, the trend of making sweatshirts to jackets has resurfaced. However, this time they are far more stylish! I recently read Sweatshirts 15+ Stylish Designs To Sew And Wear, published by Krause Publications, and have to say that I am astounded that some of the photos in the book started as a comfy sweatshirt. Not only are the author’s designs more fashionable that those that appeared in quilt shops 10+ years ago, but she also takes the time to point out what styles look best on three main body types (apple, pear, petite).
Included in this book are tips and tricks on selecting fabrics and embellishments to best match your sweatshirt, tutorials on making collars and cuffs, and all the patterns needed to complete the 19 projects in the book. As for the designs themselves, they range from trendy (like the jacket that appears on the front cover) to more ‘traditional’ and ‘artistic’ styles (those that incorporate beading, buttons, embroidery, appliques, and unique embellishments) – a little something for everyone. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at refashioning, but never knew what to start with – you may want to try your hand at Debra Quartermain’s latest, Sweatshirts!

New Patterns and Fabrics

Did anyone notice that Amy Butler released two new patterns last week? I couldn’t help myself, I snagged the Birdie Sling as soon as I saw it (if I would travel with my computer more I would have gotten the Laptop Case as well)! Now to find some great fabrics that can be showcased in this pattern.
I also finally managed to make it to the fabric store to pick up the rest of my material for the Emmeline apron. I’m now ready to cut everything out and get started sewing on this project! How is your apron coming along?

The Baptism

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day, was pampered by their family, and got a bit of sewing time in! In addition to Mother’s Day, yesterday was Easton’s baptism. I would love to say that everything went without a hitch, but I can’t….. the priest actually forgot to perform the baptism during the mass! We did finally get him baptized, but in between masses instead (and a bit more hastily than what I think was intended) – at least the party went well!
I finally got to wear my Kwik Sew tunic for the event! Now that I look at the pictures, though, I realize I have quite a bit more baby weight to loose so I may be making a whole transitional wardrobe for the summer until I can get back to (or close to) my pre-pregnancy weight (I’m thinking a casual mini-SWAP). Now the question is, what to make first?