May’s Sew Along

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes, comments, and emails from the past few days – they are all very much appreciated! I’m slowly ‘recovering’ (I’ve found the ‘hard and fast delivery’ is definitely a strain on your body!) and we’re all starting to get ‘settled’ in. So far, aside from all the gassiness (thank goodness for Mylicon!), Easton has been doing great…. let’s hope it continues!
Don’t forget there’s still time to enter in Kris and I’s April Sophia Carry-All Sew Along! So far we have 35 participants and some gorgeous looking bags. You might also want to start thinking ahead to May – this month we’ll be making the Emmeline Apron (Kris has patterns available for those of you who need to purchase theirs)! We’ll be starting this project May 1 and will end the contest May 31 – prizes have yet to be determined, but it may involve some of Amy Butler’s yummy new Midwest Modern line and possibly a pattern or two!
Kris and I are both excited to start working on this project. I’ve even got a theme lined up for this one – “Naughty and Nice” (since the apron is reversible, you can see where this is going!). More to come on the apron fabrics next month!

3 thoughts on “May’s Sew Along

  1. Miss Sassy

    Hey! Glad you are recovering and hope there wasn’t too much stress on your body. I bet in another week you will be feeling great.
    As far as the sew along for me – not so good. There is still hope buy I just got my new machine and was waiting for that to be able to start. We’ll see how it goes…

  2. angie.a

    haha, I have forgotten about my sophia bag!! ooops. I’m one of the 35. Need to get busy on that, no? 😛 I’m thinking I won’t finish!! But I’ll still have a bag when I DO!
    Now I need to snag the apron. Eventually my goal is to finish a sewalong on time. 🙂

  3. Jo

    This post was enough impetus for me to finally attach the lining last night while watching TV – after all if you can blog mere moments after having a baby I ought to be able to finish my bag…
    Not sure if I’ll have time to enter next month’s sew along because I go away, but I might get the pattern anyway, because it’s cute and I’ve never made an apron.
    hope you all continue to do well 🙂

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