Shopping And Sewing

Late last night I realized something – I probably shouldn’t be left alone. Not because I could deliver this baby at any time, but because instead of sitting around waiting I’ve been filling my time either sewing or shopping (o.k. the sewing part is safe, the shopping not so good on the pocketbook). Aside from the recent fabric (which I’ve been using for projects already so I’m not feeling too guilty about that) and book purchases, I’ve also been trolling Etsy where I’ve purchased some felted sweater pieces and one of Carrie’s cute scissor charms. I’ve also been lurking on eBay and was very happy to see that my favorite seller has Patrones once again (I was seriously contemplated picking this issue up)! She also carries KnipMode – I keep hoping I’ll find the ‘jeans issue’ that I neglected to pick up when it originally came out. As for today, I’m skipping the shopping (or at least trying) and concentrating on my McCall dress!
On the not so related to sewing purchases, I wound up buying a pair of Fit Flops. I love the idea that I’m ‘working out’ while wearing a pair of cute shoes. Anyone tried these?

8 thoughts on “Shopping And Sewing

  1. Sarah S

    I stumbled accross your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy reading it. I have a 2 year old daughter who was born 11 days after my due date, so I feel your pain. Your baby will be here soon! Hang in there….birth and motherhood are so amazing.

  2. melissa

    damn, I wish I knew you were looking for that KnipMode – I JUST placed an order with today for March, April, and May with them and I could’ve just thrown Feb in at the same time for you. :/ But they have still got it in stock if you want it enough to pay for international shipping…

  3. MelissaB

    Oh shopping is dangerous!!! Let us know what you think of the fit flops, never heard of them until you.
    Happy sewing today, that is what I’m working on too. 🙂

  4. Joanne

    I swear you’ll be blogging from the delivery room…
    I have some fit flops that I got last year, because I love wearing flip flops all summer, but I walk a lot so they give me sore feet. They’re great, because they’ve got such a thick sole it really cushions the impact. I don’t know if they do give you a ‘work out’ but my calves and thighs definitely ached more than normal when I did my usual trog around London, but my feet didn’t. Good purchase in my book.

  5. Carrie

    Thanks for the link!! They will go out in the mail in the morning :-D. Those fit flops are soooo cool. I haven’t seen those before. Wonder if they have them in the store? I have a coupon!!

  6. Ellen

    Hang in there – my son was born 18 days after my due date. Hopefully your doctor won’t make you wait that long.
    Good luck and keep on sewing to keep busy. If my life ever gets less complicated, I will be able to do some sewing of my own.

  7. bernadette

    Those fit flops are way cuter than most “healthy” shoes! Let us know how you like them after a month or so, please.
    Years ago, I used to wear Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals. They were slippery WOOD with a rubber outer sole and a nicely-padded, adjustable, leather strap across the top. The key thing was the carved, wooden inner sole “bump” that you gripped with your toes to keep the sandal on while you walked – that was the exercise part. I think it really did help shape calves and ankles but it offered no cushioning so you could not really wear then for everything. Later they were re-done with rubber instead of wood but did not work so well – possibly because the original’s slippery wood had made it more necessary to toe-grip the bumps!
    Maybe they are still available in one form or another. But yours sound like more fun.

  8. Kris

    You’re too funny! The last splurges before baby comes 🙂 I saw those shoes the other day and was intrigued – flip flops are my summer staple, so I’m curious how you’ll like them. Let us know!!
    PS: Want to announce next month’s project tomorrow?

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