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Surprise! I’m still around, posting and sewing – apparently the full moon didn’t kick start labor for me. Drat. Since I have time on my hands today, I’ve decided to keep busy and start another project. This time I’m using McCall 5575 – the Hillary Duff dress and tunic. I really liked the purple dress on the pattern envelope and have decided to recreate it – I look horrible in that shade of purple, so I opted for a lighter shade (the lilac slinky that I recently picked up from Needle Nook). So today, my goal is get the pattern and fabric cut out and ready to sew. Anyone else working on new projects this week?

10 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Miss Sassy

    That is a really cute dress. I would actually look good in that color.
    I pick up my new machine this week so hope I can start and finish my Sophie Carryall (fingers crossed). I finished the stash and carry bags for my friend’s belated birthday gift. Today I have to make a super hero mask a la The Incredibles for Aidan.
    Hope you are at least feeling well.

  2. Katrina

    Each day I check your blog thinking I’m going to read that the baby is here!!! I guess you’re thinking the same thing. Wow, I have about 3 months to go and I can’t wait. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. Good I’m thinking since you’re still staying busy sewing. I see you’re ready to get back into the swing of things with dressing in non-maternity wear, hence the purple dress pattern. Cute!

  3. Anary

    oh My!! I want to know how are you managing to get closer to the cutting table with that belly! You are just amazing!

  4. MelissaB

    Oh rats, I was hoping to see no message this morning and knowing you were having that baby. Any day, any day…
    Love the dress too!
    I’m working on pj’s for my nephew’s birthday (it’s on Sunday) and then a few t-shirt for the kids.

  5. Bernadete

    That dress will look fab on you! I have a similar, RTW dress in black. The cut is so flattering. Mine has a somewhat looser skirt gathered into a slightly ballooned hem.
    My current project is an outdoors one: I have designed, and am inventing-as-I-go, a giant, decorative ( I hope) “birdcage” to protect my planned cutting garden from deer. We have had two days of heavy rain, though.

  6. bernadette

    One more thing about that dress you are making; My RTW is also a pullover, somewhat stretchy fabric. But it is fitted at the seam just below the bust, making it almost-too-snug in getting over my wide-ish shoulders. The dress fits well when on so I am just being careful not to strain the seam threads during on-and-off. If your seam stitches and the fabric are both stretchy enough, it should not be a problem. The wide V-neck also helps.

  7. Joanne

    Oh! Still no sign then – I am so impressed at your willingness to carry on cutting out.
    My own project this week is a decorating one so I’ll be nowhere near my sewing table. We’ve got wardrobes coming so I’m painting walls before they arrive on Thursday.

  8. Meg

    Keep the wonderful attitude! I was two whole weeks overdue with my first and felt I had been pregnant all my life.

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