When Good Fabrics Behave Badly

When I started McCall 5586, I decided that I would skip the serger and try out some of the stretch stitches on my Bernina. Things were going very smoothly until I switched needles and started experiencing skipped stitches. You see, I decided to make a few modifications to this tunic – the first of which was eliminating the bias tape around the arm hole. Since I am using a jersey that wouldn’t ravel, I thought that I would just fold over the seam allowance and stitch with a double needle (for a ready to wear look). I figured that the needle was dull so I headed out to the store for a new one. When I came back and tested out the new needle, I still had some skipping – so I played with all the settings. Thank goodness this machine has lot of ways to adjust your tension, stitch length, pressure foot pressure, etc. because it took adjusting all of it before I got the everything to sew up ‘correctly’! I’m not sure what I would have done to fix this problem with my last machine – it didn’t have nearly the setting options as this one and my fabric (as much as I love the look, feel, and drape) was so temperamental. To keep me from experiencing later frustrations, I even wrote down all my settings so that when I work with the rest of the material (I have almost a yard left), I don’t have to try to figure out what to do all over again!
Now that all the sewing is complete, it’s time to embellish the neckline of this top. I’m anxious to get started this morning – I can’t wait to add some bling and bring this tunic to life!

5 thoughts on “When Good Fabrics Behave Badly

  1. Sarah

    Glad you worked it out but that is so frustrating! I have a secret to tell you – I’m getting a Bernina (hopefully today, if not, on Monday!). How are you feeling?

  2. melissa

    whoa you’ve got way more patience than me! I would’ve just said “argh it’s good enough!” long before heading out to the store…
    And for that neckline – this is the perfect opportunity to show Brett the LilyPad Arduino and casually suggest how cool it’d be to have LEDs on that neckline that adjust to the lighting, or to motion, etc and let the geek in him ring up the credit card bill. 😉
    (mine is still sitting next to my new “Beginning Electronics” book, oops)

  3. MelissaB

    Cute top, can’t wait to see it all embellished. Way to have patience with your machine, I would have been pulling my hair out.

  4. Anary

    Gosh did you fell the earthquake? I saw on the news that was felt in KS?
    your tunic is very nice..loved the colar

  5. Katrina

    I was just looking at that pattern on Tuesday at JoAnns and thought that it was cute. I also thought that it was a roomy top that would be perfect post delivery. Good choice.

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