New Romper

Awhile back, I started sewing up a second (smaller size) version of Kwik Sew 3090 and had disastrous results – I had traced and cut a shorts style for the front and a longer romper in the back (and didn’t notice until I started sewing)! I’ve had this material ‘staring’ at me ever since…. so the other day, I retraced the front (to the longer style) and re-cut the material to make this:

Although the pattern didn’t include a hat, I found one in an Ottobre magazine (4/2006) and used the leftover material to whip one up to make a ‘matching set’. One more project off my to-do list!
Up next – McCall 5586. I’ll be putting the fabric & cost information on the sidebar later on this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “New Romper

  1. bernadette

    That is an adorable little outfit! Lucky little guy.
    On savoring the last few days of a pregnancy: At least you know he is safe, well-fed, warm, cozy, and can’t get into anything.

  2. MelissaB

    Oh that is so sweet! Now come out little guy so we can all meet you! Maybe you’ll be one of those moms who actually has her baby on the due date???

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