It’s difficult to see what exactly the picture below is when you first look at it, but what you’re staring at is the lining for my Sophia bag!

By far, this is the easiest part of the bag to construct, so everything came together without a hitch. Now comes the harder part – hand sewing the lining to the Sophia itself. I’m dreading this part mostly because I feel like my handstitches are lacking in skill. I still have purse feet to attach to the bag as well. For this area, I’ve decided to use Joleo’s technique for adding the feet and eliminating the false bottom. I think it’s such a cleaver way to finish this bag!
Now it’s off to get some work done before this evening’s BIG GAME!

4 thoughts on “Lining

  1. sarah

    Stacy – what a great fabric to match the bag. Glad to hear there was something easy. I dread hand sewing, too. Part of it is because I don’t enjoy it (not enough patience) and the other part is inexperience.
    I hope you are feeling well! Sorry to hear the walking did nothing yesterday!

  2. Joleo

    I couldn’t agree more about the lining being so easy – mind you, next time I’m making the exterior from the thinnest possible cotton…
    Very cool that you’re doing the same with the bag bottom. I still haven’t attached the lining to the exterior because of my fear of hand-stitching – at this rate you’ll be finished way before I am!

  3. angie.a

    It’s looking so cute!! I went to buy my pattern Saturday and fell in love with the Madison bag! Yikes. So I ended up with that pattern instead of the Sophie, LOL. I may have to “sew along” with the wrong pattern! 😀

  4. Noile

    Watching you build your Sophia is so exciting! I may have to make one, too, even though the last thing I need is another bag . . .

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