More On Timtex

I had quite a few comments and emails about the link on the Demise of Timtex so I thought I would do a bit of research. I put an email into (who I believe is) the manufacturer of the interfacing, but in the mean time, I’ve done some surfing and here’s what I’ve gathered (keep in mind all this is pulled from second hand information).
Timtex originally got it’s start as the interfacing in hat brims, but once the sewing and crafting community discovered it, they started producing it in larger quantities. That is until sometime last last year (it appears it may have been sometime in November when people started discovering that Timtex was no longer available) when the production plant they use closed without warning. From what I’ve read they are attempting to find a new manufacturer, but until then – what you find on the internet is the last of what is out there!