Yippie Ki-Ay, It’s Done!

What’s quilted, bound, washed, and ready for use? The Yippie Ki-Ay Cowboy Quilt!

I finished the rest of the quilting on this project by doing a simple square shape inside the larger pieces. I opted not to do any more stippling so no one could closely look at my work (I figured the pieced designs hid my flaws), but also to give it more puff in places since I was afraid that it would be too stiff with all those meandering lines. Now that it’s washed, I’m wishing I would have done the whole thing with the stipple effect – it really does have a nice feel in those heavily stitched areas!
I also sat down and worked on the binding to this one as well. I made the binding a bit ‘chunkier’ than what I have ever done before, I thought it gave it a nice, ‘bubble’ effect around the edges. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how the edges turned out – for once, my miters turned out perfect!
Now that this big project is done, it’s time to tackle cleaning up the mess in the sewing room and make room for the next project(s)! What are you working on this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Yippie Ki-Ay, It’s Done!

  1. Miss Sassy

    Adorable, Stacy! Great job.
    Only thing I am sewing this weekend is a bag for a jumprope I bought my niece for her birthday.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. bernadette

    Cute quilt! Nice job! The baby will enjoy looking at all the fun prints. I especially like the bright binding.
    I shared a bedroom with my younger brother when we were little. We had “matching” cotton tapestry bedspreads.from the Sears catalog. His was woven with a large cowboy on a horse graphic. Mine had a ballerina. But both were blue – so they would “match”, my Mom said. I had of course voted for pink but the cowboy version did not come in pink for some reason.. Ha-ha.

  3. MelissaB

    That is really really cute Stacy! Today I worked on three pairs of PJ’s for my daughter and then tomorrow while hubby watches NASCAR I’m going to make a few pairs of capri pants for her that I have cut out (two different patterns). I want to do a trial run on each before I cut out the rest of my fabrics. I’m working on stash busting and boy does it feel good! 🙂 Next week is spring break so I need to make my oldest son a few new pairs of pants, he blows out the knees so fast (even double knees). Hmm, maybe I’ll find some time to sew for me too – I hope so!

  4. melissa

    ooh I love it! I especially like how random it appears on first glance, but then as you concentrate more, you can start to see the patterns come through. And if it holds my attentions for that long, it’s going to enthral your little cowhand for hours! 🙂
    The weekend already passed, but all I accomplished was taping together BurdaStyle’s Jakob pattern and prewashing the lemon yellow linen/tencel for James’s shirt, and I, umm, sewed together two shower curtains! hahahah Our shower is U-shaped and one just wasn’t long enough to stop water getting everywhere…

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