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I think I’m ready…. ready to get started on the Sophia Cary-All! I headed over to some fabric stores the other day to pick up the rest of my supplies (thank you so much Sarah for the coupon – I put it to good use!). My outer fabric arrived yesterday so it was time to decide on a lining. I decided a tropical shirting fabric – it’s a bit on the thin side, but seems to work well with the outer print:

I also picked up all the notions needed for this bag (cording, fleece, zipper, etc.). The only thing I’ve been contemplating buying is purse feet. I searched every sewing and craft store in town, but wasn’t able to find any so I moved onto my second favorite source, eBay!
If you’ve decided to join the Sophia Sew-Along (or still on the fence) and are looking for some great related reading, here’s a few links for you:
Kris has posted a few Tips and Tricks on the Flickr discussion board.
Looking for inspiration? Look no further than this Vera Bradley handbag (the site is also fun because you can ‘play’ with the fabrics). Pattern Review also has 4 reviews posted (with pictures).
Like most Amy Butler bag patterns, there’s a bit of Timtex involved with the Sophia. So if your looking for substitutions or tips, be sure to check out Craft Apple’s post on “The Demise of Timtex”, Distressed’s Timtex trick, and this great interview with Amy Butler on interfacing from Sew Mama Sew.

15 thoughts on “More Fabric And Tips & Tricks

  1. Karen in Wichita

    I suppose this is a bad time to mention that I think I have some purse feet, if I didn’t already give them away. Got ’em free from Tall Poppy when I ordered magnets for the bear guild’s magnet bear project.
    Which, come to that, I need to order more of, so if you want in on the order, holler. I think this time I’m going to try the pin-type, which they didn’t have last time. I’ll probably order 60, so I’ll have a dozen (more?) purse feet I have no plans for. And if you see anything on the website you want, let me know and I’ll tack it on my order, save on shipping.

  2. Miss Sassy

    What are purse feet?
    I didn’t know about the demise of Timtex. I always learn so much from you!
    You are pushing me more and more to this sew along. I’ll probably get on board when everyone is finished LOL!

  3. Anary

    I had a hack of time trying to find bag feet too…They only sell like a ton of them at time. Discouraging 🙁
    Aloha! I loved that fabric….reminds me the flowers outside my house when I was tiny kid..:)

  4. Mary Claire

    When I made the Amy Butler Weekender bag I also added feet for the bottom. I was able to buy just 4 feet from a place called Lees Crafts and Things. You might try that . I think it cost about 6 dollars for 4. Goodluck!

  5. Kris

    Yikes! I had no idea that Timtex was gone – I have actually never used it. Just always use Peltex.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m not sure if you found your purse feet or not but here is a link to a site that sells them:
    Last week I’d just asked a fellow blogger where she was orering hers from and she gave me that site. Another commenter mentioned that she uses buttons for her purse feet. I thought that was very unique!

  7. Katrina

    Oops, I forgot to say who I was when I posted my comment with the link for purse feet. I’m up late because my 16 month old has a fever and threw up. I’ve got him in between me and the laptop in the bed!! So I’m distracted a bit… oh and tired!! I got the link from cidell, who I see commented on this post as well. I am anxiously following along with your post to see the finish product.

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