Planning For Sophia

Have you joined the Monkey Foot Designs and Stacy Sew’s Sophia sew along yet (remember, there’s prizes!)? I started planning for my version of the bag and finally settled on an exterior print. I ran across a website devoted entirely to one of my favorite fabric designers – Alexander Henry. While surfing their site, I noticed that AH was re-releasing their Aloha Girls design – it seemed so perfect and summery! I had to wait until yesterday to order it (until it was in stock), but hopefully it will make it’s way here by the end of the week. I’m still debating what I should use on the interior.
I also stopped by Joann’s right before Easter and picked up the fusible woven interfacing while it was on sale. I have a number of notions that I still need to pick up (fusible fleece, 1/4″ cotton cording, and 22 inch zipper) but am waiting for coupons and sales before I attempt to buy more (in the mean time, the Sophia is now up on the sidebar). How about everyone else? What stage of planning or sewing are you at on this bag?

7 thoughts on “Planning For Sophia

  1. Miss Sassy

    I love Alexander Henry! Have you signed up for Joann’s coupons online? Many times you get emailed printable coupons each month. You can combine coupons from different sources (though not on the same item), too.
    I am in the wishful stage of the Sophia Carry-All.

  2. Blakely

    Thanks for the link. I can see so many different projects from the swatches on that site.
    I have decided not to participate in the sew along. I have tried several times to make bags, and I just don’t enjoy it. They either never get finished or my mom finishes them for me. My mom just doesn’t have time sew right now. But I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

  3. karmela

    I think I’m in. I say “I think” because my workroom is underconstruction, so assuming I can get my workspace set up again, I’m in! My fabric is bagged up, too, so I might have to buy new fabric…darn! hehehe

  4. Joanne

    Well I don’t know if I count because I started documenting my progress with the Sophia ages ago, but it cost me many broken needles and lots of swearing just to get the outside fixed that I haven’t begun the lining yet. (Handy hint – velvet is not such a good fabric choice 😉 I have decided that I need a new machine though, so that’s something…
    Great link for the fabric too – I L.O.V.E. AH fabrics so much, but they can be hard to find in the UK. Hoorah for international shipping!

  5. Erika

    Oh, I love that fabric! I made an awesome summer wrap dress from a vintage 1960’s pattern with the Aloha Girls, I wore it to a tiki party last summer. Perfect to throw over a swimsuit!

  6. Kasey

    Oh, I had so much fun on my first Sophia bag, that I made a second one! Not sure if I’m ready for a third! Maybe if I found the right fabric…

  7. Katrina

    I so want to participate but I just have so much going on right now. I hope you continue to do this on a regular basis and I will definitely jump on the bandwagon when the time permits. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with though!!!

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