Martha’s Cookies

Bret and Taylor decided to spend the last day of Spring Break fishing. That gave me the perfect opportunity to do something else that I love – bake! For Christmas this year I got a KitchenAid Professional 600 6-Quart Mixer (thanks, mom!) and I’ve been putting it to good use, actually I’m not sure how I did baking without it now that I have one! I also used my new Martha Stewart’s Cookies book and made two styles (I could have made more, but I figured there was no way that we could eat that much sugar) – the Biscuit Sandwich Cookies (with a creamy Nutella filling) and a Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie. They both turned out tasting great (although my suggestion for the second cookie is to use an over-ripe banana to give it lots of flavor) although not as ‘beautiful’ looking as the cookies in the book! My second project of the day was to put together Taylor’s Easter basket – which you can see I went crazy with. I decided not to do to much candy this year, so I made up for it with other treats.
I was hoping to get into the sewing room, but never managed to make it. I’m hoping that today (after cleaning the house and dying eggs with the family) I’ll have a few minutes to work on the quilt a bit more. Any sewing for anyone else this weekend or is everyone taking a holiday break?

4 thoughts on “Martha’s Cookies

  1. Nancy (nanflan)

    I took Friday off and did some sewing. DF is working tomorrow, so I’m hoping to start something else after church.
    The cookies look great! Maybe I’ll do some baking too.

  2. bernadette

    No sewing. But I will be baking – a potato/leek/gruyere galette from a recipe I found on Martha Stewart a few years ago and love to eat. Its actually better the next day, after the flavors blend, so I will make it today for Easter dinner. Its the only fancy thing I make for Easter dinner.

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