Just A Few Photos

I’ve been busy sewing away at the cowboy quilt – I’ve managed to piece together all the blocks and now have a quilt top!

In the mean time, my package from my Oh Baby swap arrived yesterday. Here’s all the goodies my partner made for me:

2 knitted bibs (they are in great dark colors to hide stains), 2 adorable hand embroidered onesies (I love the “My mom’s so CRAFTY she made me” saying), a baby door hanger, and my VERY favorite the baby viking hat. I’ve had this on my Wists for quite some time and am so happy to finally have one. Thankfully she made it big enough that it should fit next winter!
Now onto sewing up the backing and doing the dreaded basting of the quilt…..

7 thoughts on “Just A Few Photos

  1. bernadette

    Cute stuff for your baby! Those knitted bibs look very comfortable to wear. Already looking forward to a post of the little guy in his Viking hat next winter!

  2. Kris

    Wow! That swap pile is amazing! The viking hat…. too cute 🙂 Have fun w/ the quilt! Mine is still waiting on the table w/ it’s pins… I’ll finish the binding one of these nights…

  3. Sandy in W

    Oh, I can’t look at the quilt without thinking of the “cowboy” themed guest room I had to live with for several years when my husband asked for “artistic license” to decorate it (this included a pair of extremely obnoxious longhorns on one wall, ordered from e-bay!!) The only thing I liked about his “adventure in decorating” was the cute (and expensive) pair of chenille bedspreads with a cowboy in a 10 gallon hat, chaps and brandishing a lasso. (The only reason I finally allowed him to do it was the thought that some guys his age buy extreme sports cars and chase younger women, so I decided to let him do his thing. Aaack.) That being said, I DO think your cowboy themed quilt is adorable.
    Oh, yeah, also, when he and a buddy were putting in some replacement windows, I went to get the “workers” some burgers and when I returned, the longhorns were hanging in their full glory where the dining room mirror normally hung! I was horrified and amused! Needless to say, they didn’t STAY on the dining room wall

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