And We’re Back…..

After not being able to post for a bit, it appears that our database issues have been resolved (at least for now)! I’m going to hurry and take advantage of this while everything is up and running, just in case we run into the same issue again later on today.
With the lack of the ability to post, I have been keeping busy sewing….. I managed to work on the blocks for the Yippie Ki-Ay Cowboy Quilt and here’s what I have so far:

I realized that I won’t have enough backing material to cover the entire quilt so I’m going to have to piece something together. Drat! I’m headed off to a quilt shop (not the same one I purchased the material from) today to see what I might find that would work. I suppose I should find some binding material while I’m there too!
In the mean time, I hope everyone had a very relaxing and productive weekend. But most of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One thought on “And We’re Back…..

  1. bernadette

    So far, so cute! Actually, I like a pieced back – makes it more interesting. One way is to frame one fabric with a second one so it looks like you WANTED to do that, haha.

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