Cowboy Cutting

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of relief…. why? I finally finished everything that had deadlines! Whew! Since a lot of my energy was being devoted to these projects (you’ll be hearing about these in the future), I feel like I can work on some things that are a bit more complicated, time consuming, and just for me!
The first thing I did was sit down and calculate how I was going to make the Cowboy Quilt. To achieve a baby blanket size (45″ square) I’ve decided on using only a portion of the quilt pattern – I reduced the number of blocks that I would make and eliminated the two outside borders. From there, I decided how much material to cut, sat down, pulled out the rotary cutter and went to work.

Now I can work on piecing everything together.

One thought on “Cowboy Cutting

  1. Anary

    Congratulations about the projects that are coming up. It seems that you found the right way to relief the stress…this quilt is already looking lovely.

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