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Exciting News!

Awhile ago I briefly mentioned that I was working on some ‘top secret’ projects that I would discuss at a later date. Well, finally, I can talk about it and I’m so excited to be able to share the news! A new website was launched today – The Sewing Republic. Right now you can find your dream machine and register to win a Bernina Activa 210, but starting in April you’ll find that a number of great sewing projects will be showcased on the site (I have three that will appear, dates TBA). Also in April, the site will begin to post online help sections, including sewing information like tips ‘n tricks, sewing terms de-mystified, and other sewing help options. I’ll keep you posted on the new items as they appear.
In the mean time, I am sewing on the Bernina Aurora 440 QE which is my loaner machine for a year. I have been enjoying using this machine since I got it – in fact it sews like a dream…. even when you sew across our own finger. Yes, you did read that, I sewed my finger the other night (I’m not sure how I did that except I got my finger too close to the needle when playing with the stitch regulator, by the way a scrap of fabric tied around your finger makes an excellent band-aid when you’re too lazy to retrieve one from the medicine cabinet!).

Just A Few Photos

I’ve been busy sewing away at the cowboy quilt – I’ve managed to piece together all the blocks and now have a quilt top!

In the mean time, my package from my Oh Baby swap arrived yesterday. Here’s all the goodies my partner made for me:

2 knitted bibs (they are in great dark colors to hide stains), 2 adorable hand embroidered onesies (I love the “My mom’s so CRAFTY she made me” saying), a baby door hanger, and my VERY favorite the baby viking hat. I’ve had this on my Wists for quite some time and am so happy to finally have one. Thankfully she made it big enough that it should fit next winter!
Now onto sewing up the backing and doing the dreaded basting of the quilt…..

The Sophia Sew Along Contest

I’ve had the Sophia Carry-all bag in my pattern stash since if first came out. As much as I’ve wanted to get started on it, I’ve been distracted by other projects. Kris of Monkey Foot Designs and I started talking about this the other day and decided we would try a sew along – with prizes! That’s right, we want you to help keep us motivated and sew this gorgeous bag along with us.
Here’s what to do: The Sophia Sew Along starts today and runs until midnight, April 30 (you can use any material(s) that you like, but you must use the Sophia to be eligible to win). Join the Flickr group dedicated to the sew along and upload your final project. Feel free to share photos of your progress, add notes, and ask questionsshare information in the Discussion Area, but you must have a final photo uploaded by April 30. At the completion of the contest, Kris and I will pick a winner from the pool of entrants who will win a ‘fabulous prize package’!
So folks, let’s get sewing!

Stalking Some Sites

I’m admit it, I’m an internet stalker, but I can now say “I got one”! Yesterday, I found myself I refreshing the Sewing Stars site until she finally put up the plush Elephant Kits (I got one in blue). I just couldn’t pass one of these cuties up – and if all goes well, I may make a few more as gifts!
I also received two packages in the mail too! The first one is from Melissa of Fehr Trade (she makes the greatest Ikea garments).

She made the most gorgeous changing pad – not only does it tie together, but has pockets and a label with her logo on the outside (I need to get some of those, I love the way it looks). It’s very boutique-y and event hough it’s for changing, I can’t wait to use it (other moms will be jealous). Inside were all sorts of treats too – most of which are now gone since my sweet tooth has kicked into high gear in the last month (maybe that’s why I look like I’m going to explode!). Thank you so much Melissa!!!
I also received my pincushion from my Crafter Another Pincushion swap partner. Inside was a perfectly sized pincushion (great for sticking by my machine) that had the cutest bead and wire frog sitting on top of a lily pad!

She also included a few other goodies as well, including a fresh smelling candle, some lotiondiaper rash samples, and a package of scrapbooking stickers for once baby arrives!
Now back to some sewing before Taylor wakes up – this week is spring break and she’s taking advantage that she doesn’t have to get up before the sun rises!

And We’re Back…..

After not being able to post for a bit, it appears that our database issues have been resolved (at least for now)! I’m going to hurry and take advantage of this while everything is up and running, just in case we run into the same issue again later on today.
With the lack of the ability to post, I have been keeping busy sewing….. I managed to work on the blocks for the Yippie Ki-Ay Cowboy Quilt and here’s what I have so far:

I realized that I won’t have enough backing material to cover the entire quilt so I’m going to have to piece something together. Drat! I’m headed off to a quilt shop (not the same one I purchased the material from) today to see what I might find that would work. I suppose I should find some binding material while I’m there too!
In the mean time, I hope everyone had a very relaxing and productive weekend. But most of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I’ve been tagged! Average Jane Crafter tagged me last week and asked that I post 7 things about myself. I’ve been racking my brain ever since to list some sort of interestingrandomquirky facts that I haven’t already shared (I might add, I’m sure I have more, but am resisting asking my family and sharing those! If you’re interested, you can read my previous lists here, here, here, and this post with a ‘holiday’ version). Fortunately, yesterday I was tagged by Kris of MoneyFoot Designs with a new meme – Blogging! So here’s my answers to the questions (hope that’s o.k. I used this one Rachael!):

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For Sale

I’ve given up – sewing maternity clothing that is (well, the Jalie top is cut and ready to go, but that one doesn’t count)…. With 4 1/2 weeks to go until I deliver (let’s hope I won’t be overdue), I’m thinking that it’s time to move on. Sadly, I had envisioned making a great maternity wardrobe, but between moving, lack of energy (ahhh, the joys of pregnancy), and other projects distracting me I only managed to make a few tops. Consequently, I have 3 patterns up for sale at Pattern Review (all are new and uncut) – Burda 8376, Burda 7999 (which appears to now be out of print, but is a hoodie & pants combo), and Vogue 2750.
Speaking of that Jalie top – I finally added it to the sidebar! I plan on working on this twist top a little today (before running off to Taylor’s school for her spring party). What is everyone else working on this weekend?

Cowboy Cutting

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of relief…. why? I finally finished everything that had deadlines! Whew! Since a lot of my energy was being devoted to these projects (you’ll be hearing about these in the future), I feel like I can work on some things that are a bit more complicated, time consuming, and just for me!
The first thing I did was sit down and calculate how I was going to make the Cowboy Quilt. To achieve a baby blanket size (45″ square) I’ve decided on using only a portion of the quilt pattern – I reduced the number of blocks that I would make and eliminated the two outside borders. From there, I decided how much material to cut, sat down, pulled out the rotary cutter and went to work.

Now I can work on piecing everything together.

Heavy On The Links

Finally, yesterday felt like spring! With temperatures nearing 70, there was no way that I could be kept inside, so my mom and I headed out shopping. Aside from some fun baby items that we bought as well as some Easter goodies from William-Sonoma, I managed to pick up Martha Stewart’s new cookie book – can you say 175 recipes of sweet goodness? Since I didn’t accomplish any sewing yesterday, how about some great links instead?

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One More Round

Before I get started on another project, I decided I would make another round of burp cloths – this set for me (well, baby).

I decided not to make any changes to the cloth design and kept only one side contoured. Two I made from flannel and the other from the velour-ish shag and cotton print (which matches the cowboy themed quilt that I’ll be making soon).