I really hadn’t intended on making bibs right away. Taylor wasn’t very messy and didn’t drool a lot so we didn’t have a real need for them until it came time for feeding (and then I preferred HUGE bibs that covered most of her clothing). But, as I was brainstorming for ideas to sew up in my latest swap, I decided to one a try.

I knew that Bend the Rules Sewing had a bib, but was very disappointed when I opened it up and found out that I had to enlarge the pattern. Consequently, I scoured the internet and decided to use a ready-to-go infant bib pattern from Chickpea Sewing Studio. I set out to make a version that matched the blanket, but after sewing one up, I decided to make 3 more!

Two are for my swap partner and I’ve decided to keep the two for myself. At least if this little guy is messy, he’ll be wearing something fun that will definitely be a topic of conversation.
I also wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Bernadette who sent me this wonderful package:

Inside my goodie box was an Amy Butler Craft bag (which will make a perfect diaper bag, btw) filled with all sorts of fun items! Unfortunately, the photo only shows a portion of what was inside as Taylor immediately took her share before I had a chance to snap a photo. Inside were two Zipit Style bags (they are made entirely out of one zipper! It’s such a neat purse), a mug from Chick’s Diner in Scranton along with a Scranton Visitor’s Bureau guide (because she knows I’m such a HUGE Office fan!), and several items from her trip to Japan – 2 Bono dolls (Taylor has hers hanging off of her purse, mine is hanging on my sewing room inspiration board), a Hello Kitty Calendar, and some beautiful and fun papers! Thank you so much Bernadette, I’ll be sending you a proper thank you soon!

5 thoughts on “Bibs

  1. bernadette

    Fun bibs – and the best part is that the inevitable food stains won’t be obvious.
    (One of my kids drooled a bit and spit-up like crazy. The other was dry as a bone. You never know!)

  2. Amy M

    Stacy –here is another baby bib idea. My mother-in-law made these for all her grandkids –and all of us Moms LOVED them! They are so easy, too–I’ve made some for shower gifts.
    Martha Stewart shows something similar, but she puts a slit down the back. There really is no need for that. The inner circle cut out of the kitchen hand towel is about 5 inches or so –and then you just sew on some ribbing –it is so easy and covers up so much! You just have to find some cute handtowels!!
    Happy Sewing!
    Amy M in Indiana

  3. Katrina

    Really nice! And very unique, that’s the best part!!! I’ve been trying to come up with something that works well for my drooling 15 month old. My other 2 didn’t drool that much and I never really needed bibs for other than feeding. But my 15 month old drools so much that he soaks through a baby bib and 2 shirts!!! I can literally wring out his bib and shirt and start filling a cup!! I have to change his clothes through out the day!!!! Hopefully he’ll grow out of that soon. It helps when the bibs are really close to his neck so there is no room for his shirt to get wet and also if I use a vinyl bib. This is not really related to your post; I’ve just been thinking about bibs a lot lately. Keep up the good work….

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