It’s either an intense urge to nest or the extra iron that my doctor has told me to take, but either way, I’ve been very hard at work in my sewing room this week. Of the 5 projects that had deadlines, 3 are completely done and out the door (WHEW!!!). I’ve been working feverishly on the other 2 and while I can’t show you exactly what I’m working on, I can show you the fabrics:

I am hoping the projects themselves will be finished up today and the instruction writing and illustrations will be done sometime early next week. Then I can concentrate on sewing up my growing “must make” list!
So what else has been going on this week? I neglected to mention that I stopped by Joann’s over the weekend. I had stopped in to check out the new McCalls and came how with 5575, 5518 (because I’m a sucker for infant bucket hats), and a new pair of scissors which have now been labeled “FABRIC ONLY” on each side (as you can tell someone has dulled my scissors for other purposes). I also started writing for BurdaStyle’s blog! Instead of posting my own projects, I’ll be discussing interesting links (like the kind you see on this site). If you don’t already have it listed, be sure to add BurdaStyle to your bookmarks and feedreaders!
I have a few more photos to upload (and updates to mention), but I’ll save them for tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Anary

    Congratulations. How lucky they are to have added you to their team!
    What a teaser you wrote in here ha?
    You are great,

  2. Christy

    Speaking of your must make list- I am looking for a big nap pillow pattern and cannot find one anywhere! Grr. Any ideas?

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