Starting The Package

Since getting my partner’s information in the “Oh Baby” swap, I’ve been motivated to get started crafting! I dropped by the store to pick up a few supplies and immediately went to work.

The first thing I did was decide on a theme. Mom was once in a band and dad currently is, so it only made sense to do a “Rockin’ Metal baby” package. So, the first thing I did was take a plain set of white onesies and did this to them:

I had tried to achieve black, but the darkest I could get them was a dark gray. I actually like the color (like a faded t-shirt), but now I need to embellish them. My plan is to use band logos and make a set…. more to come as I work on them!

2 thoughts on “Starting The Package

  1. bernadette

    That is a great color you made! Cooler than black, even.
    (Off-topic – Today’s Martha Stewart TV show is all knitting-related crafts/food/ glove-stuffies!)

  2. Katrina

    You’re off to a great start. I love the idea of relating it to the parents lifestyle. You just know they’re going to love it. It seems like a perfect idea. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I was at JoAnn’s yesterday and bought some iron on appliques with baby logos (bottle, rattle, stork, etc…) It was clearance, 2 appliques for .25 cents. I then began to think of the ‘Oh Baby swap’ and that I should’ve joined. I’ve got to get an Easter dress out of the way for March so I guess it’s for the best.

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