Oscar Night Fashions 2008

Not that I probably need to tell you, but the Oscars were last night. Like millions of other Americans, I didn’t watch – in fact, I even missed the red carpet arrivals. After surfing the internet and scoping out the styles, I realized, I didn’t miss much. Instead of re-hashing all the Oscar looks (which everyone seems to have done already), I’ll just point you in the direction of some of the best places to gawk – EOnline and FabSugar (my personal favorite since you can vote for your favorite look). My favorite gown of the evening – Heidi Klum. How about you? [photo via FabSugar]

5 thoughts on “Oscar Night Fashions 2008

  1. bernadette

    I watched most of it (boring) but missed the red carpet part – so I caught up with gowns on style.com this morning. I liked a different red dress best – the Escada worn by Katherine Heigl.
    But Heidi Klum’s dress was fab, too. And you can enter to win it on some Coke contest. Though I wonder if you would have to be 6 feet tall to wear it!

  2. christina

    Well, I watched. I started watching the pre-show red carpet coverage and I got sucked in! My favorite was the Jean Paul Gaultier gown that Marion Cotillard wore.

  3. Yulia

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