Prints and Preggo Partners

I love having a stash of fabrics – it’s like shopping, but without having to go anywhere! Last night I opened up the closet and looked for possibilities to use with the Jalie twist top and decided on a black and white mod print. Unfortunately, I didn’t label where I got this jersey from but I’m pretty sure that it was Gorgeous Fabrics (if someone has this print please let me know!). I’ll be adding the sidebar up sometime this afternoon with all the details.
In the mean time, partners were announced in the Oh Baby Newborn and Preggo swap! I have a bit of “stalking” to do with my partner, but since she has a website, wist, and great sign up information I’ve already got a few ideas rolling around in my head. Be prepared for some fun baby items in the next month!

One thought on “Prints and Preggo Partners

  1. Meg

    Aww, I’m so jealous! I’ve had baby fever lately. Everywhere I look I see babies, pregnant women, etc. I even glanced up the other day at the library and saw a book titled When You Want a Baby and He Doesn’t. Ha! Somebody read my mail. Lucky you!!!!

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