Periodicals Galore

It’s the weather – gloomy, gray (it’s snowingsleeting outside), and cold that’s making me feel unproductive. Instead of sewing, I’ve armed myself with a plethora of sewing magazines – The new Burda Easy Fashion that arrived yesterday, CraftStylish‘s Quick Stuff to Sew (I’ve already spotted several projects I want to test out), and the latest Sew News (I’m interested in seeing their Spring Trends). Taylor and I plan on wrapping up in blankets reading and watching taped episodes of Project Runway – how’s that for spending an afternoon?
In the mean time, I’ve broken down and purchased a subscription to Ottobre Design – I can’t wait to get my hands on the upcoming women’s issue! I also joined a swap… I know, I know, my ‘to do’ list is a mile long, but I couldn’t pass it up – it’s an “Oh Baby” pregnant and newborn swap. Speaking of ‘to do’s’ I added another…. after seeing Emilie’s adorable Jalie top, I’m motivated to make mine – I’m going to try the twist top version…. but first to trace the pattern!

5 thoughts on “Periodicals Galore

  1. Katrina

    I am itching to join the swap you mentioned!!! I just joined one and am participating in my first swap by the end of the month among several other things I’ve got enough on my plate. I’ll keep checking back and maybe I’ll join next month. I love the idea of swapping, it’s gets my creative juices flowing and challenges me to try new things.

  2. Cidell

    So, what do you think of the new easy fashion? This is the second I’m underwhelmed by, but I could be coerced in to thinking better of it.

  3. stacy

    Honestly, after looking at it – it’s just sort of ‘meh’. I love the shorts and maybe a top or two (but, they are very ‘flashdance’ style so you have to wear another tank under them and I just think it will look horrible on me), but the rest I don’t think I could wear…. especially those pants…. those pants would look so bad on me!

  4. Kasey

    Does the Burda Easy Fashion come in English?
    What about the part that says (I’m assuming) “download”?
    Sounds like you have the right idea for dealing with your weather. The only time we get days off like that is when a hurricane is approaching!

  5. stacy

    No, it’s only in German (it used to come in English too, but I guess the demand wasn’t there), but Easy Fashion comes with lots of illustrations and lengthy instructions that can be plugged into an online translation service which helps. The tunic dresses from this issue are available for download (and come in English!).

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