Just Call Me Bette

I’m going to forewarn you, this entry has absolutely nothing to do with sewing! You see, today has been a ‘lazy’ day – Taylor is off all week for parentteacher conferences, it’s bitterly cold outside (we were in the 50’s yesterday, today in the low 20s), and aside from playing Monopoly, we haven’t done much. We’ve had the t.v. on a lot and almost everyone is reporting on Bette Middler’s new show that starts tonight in Las Vegas. So, that prompted me to put up this post. Why? Because apparently I look a lot like her:

Now if I could just sing like her! So my question is, what celebrity do you most resemble? [photo via Monsters&Critics.com}

8 thoughts on “Just Call Me Bette

  1. Tammy

    I don’t see it but I have been told by a couple of people that I look like Barbara Hershey. I thought I would mention it b/c of Beaches (w/ Bette).

  2. sharon

    Wow – with those photos side by side you do resemble her (but you’re much cuter) When I was younger people would say I looked like Talia Shire.

  3. bernadette

    Well. you are both BLONDE, anyway! She has a daughter who really does look just like her. And wow, Bette is 61 or so and can dance and sing and looks great. She also seems like a good person, doesn’t she? (like you!)
    My husband says maybe I resemble Snow White – yes, the fictional animation character – if she had longer, straighter hair.
    ( Have to say I never liked her costume though, LOL)

  4. Sandy in W

    I also could only agree to a resemblance because you are seriously cuter and have a cuter figure. She may have the voice, but you have the waist (well, usually you do!) In high school, I looked like Mary Tyler Moore. I no longer look like MTM…she’s cheated and has had multiple surgeries! And I have “become” blond.

  5. Kat

    A resemblance? Yeah, but that’s where it ends. Your features are much softer and you are so much prettier! I used to get a lot of Audrey Landers (Afton on Dallas) when I was in college. Two years ago I got the wife/mother comment of the lady who played on The Sopranos. Guess that means I’m getting older LOL.

  6. Leslie in Austin

    Although you have a a definite resemblance to the Divine Miss M while you’re pregnant, I think you look more like Martie Maguire! 🙂
    And the swirl print you refer to in a later post? Yep. GorgeousFabrics. I remember b/c I lusted after it until it sold out.

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