One of the more frustrating aspects of sewing is getting little tiny tubes of fabric to turn right side out. There are lots of methods, using a ribbon and safety pin, leaving the thread tail long and pulling it through the tube, and using a bobby pin and snipping a hole at the top (and pulling it through) – none of which I work fantastically. I’ve purchased commercial tools as well, some of which work better than others. However, I was recently sent a Fasturn to test out and I have to say “I love it”!
I had heard about this product previously on notions reviews, but didn’t understand how this tool could be so useful until I tried it myself. And it’s easy to use too – create your fabric tube, slip the Fasturn inside, insert the ‘pigtail’ and twist so that it grabs the fabric, and pull (you can check out an illustration here). I tried it several times and got great results each trial.
If you’re interested in purchasing this product yourself, The Crowing Touch company is offering a 20% discount on your order when you enter in the coupon code “BLOG”. While you’re there you can check out their other selection of sewing notions including bias tape makers, patterns, a video on how to use the Fasturn, and fabrics.

10 thoughts on “Fasturn

  1. Tamara

    I have these and LOVE them too. It took me a while to get a set because they are a bit expensive and I already had things to do the same thing. They have been worth every penny!

  2. bernadette

    This product always gets rave reviews. There is also a miniature set for craft/doll makers, I believe.

  3. stacy

    I received the Fasturn #3 Single – which does the more narrow fabric tubes, the video, and a necklace pattern (that use that size tube turner) to test out.

  4. Leesa Miller

    yes that fast turn is a most handy gadget. I have had mine for years and it really saves alot of time and is so easy to use.

  5. pam

    I’ve had my Fast Turn for more than 15 years, and love it. It’s wonderful for making covered cording!

  6. dawn

    I love my fastturn set (and so do my students!) but I broke the tiniest tube. wonder if I can get a replacement….
    anyway, enjoy it!

  7. Joanna Ellis

    I have the original set of six tubes and love it. The clear plastic case has yellowed and I would like to make a fabric or quilted case or wall hanging to hold the tubes and keep them in easy reach. Years ago I saw a pattern for a wall hanging/holder for the tubes, but have lost track of its location. Has anyone seen such a pattern?

  8. Yulia

    I highly recommend two books the Sewing 101 and Home Decor Sewing 101.The editors of Creative Publishing international.These are great for the person who has never sewn or even seen a sewing machine up close before receiving one.It has very simple, very basic instructions, perfect for the absolute novice. The pictures are clear, and nothing is assumed.

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