Spring Tunic

It’s about that time – I’m tired of sewing things for winter which means I’m moving onto spring! Since I won’t be pregnant in 59 more days (not that I’m counting), I’ve started thinking about post-maternity wear. Kwik Sew 3467 seemed to fit the bill. The tunic style is in fashion, but will also hide the post-delivery belly and the sleeveless version will work well into summer. After spending the afternoon sewing, here’s the finished top:

If someone would have told me how fast this one was going to sew up, I would have made it so much sooner! I did have some difficulty figuring out how the pleats were supposed to look (I honestly spent 15 minutes fiddling with it before I finally had that ‘light bulb’ moment and understood what the directions were talking about), but aside from that minor setback, the directions were clear and the entire project went together without a hitch. One thing that I do want to make note of is that the pattern describes this top as having a ‘deep V-neckline’. Consequently, I took off 1 1/4″ off the front of the top straps (since this is one area that I tend to be short in) and I’m thinking that this alteration wasn’t really necessary after seeing it on.
What makes this top even better? It doesn’t look half bad on a pregnant body:

9 thoughts on “Spring Tunic

  1. melissa

    “Not half bad”?? You look fabulous! And seriously, really thin there – I had to do a double take to make sure it was still you and you didn’t have a non-pregnant body double in that last shot!
    And the nice thing about that top is that it’ll last you through post-pregnancy and beyond… Get some cheap knits and sew up a bunch! 🙂

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