I Blame ABC

I promise never to watch an engrossing television program and either 1) trace or 2) cut a patternfabric again. Why? Because I make mistakes! Check out the biggie I didn’t notice until I started sewing it together:

I managed to trace off a different style and size of the Kwik Sew romper while watching Lost. I did the same when cutting out the fabric…. I thought everything was going just perfect – that is until it came to sewing the sides together. That’s when I noticed I traced and cut the fabric for the shorts version in the front and the back was for the longer style! I think I’m just going to put this aside for a few days and figure out how I want to fix this up or if I just want to start from scratch – either way, I’m doing it T.V. free!

12 thoughts on “I Blame ABC

  1. Katrina

    That’s why I’m so slow making things because I’m always watching tv at the same time. I just can’t stop the multi-tasking. I have a questions for you. (I’m assuming the romper is made of a stretch cotton/ knit? I’ve only sewn with knit/ stretch cotton once before and it was a little different. Do you use a different needle? I think I had problems with the fabric rolling. I never did finish it.

  2. stacy

    I use a ball point needle (the kind for stretch fabrics) which helps keep from getting skipped stitches, etc.. The rolling is probably because of the jersey itself which has the tendency to roll to the right side of the fabric. If you’re having a lot of problems with the rolling, you can use some starch on it and see if that won’t help with the curling (lots of pins help too!).

  3. Christy S

    Confession: Been there, done that. Many times. The last time was a doozy. Cut out 9 pairs of boxers for my husband. The fabric was directional, so to save time, I cut the front and back at the same time by stacking the fabric. Too bad I forgot to put them rights sides together — I had them right side to wrong side. Needless to say, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to move the fly to the other side so I can sew!

  4. Tamara

    I totally agree. I always watch TV while sewing but it has to be something I have already seen, talk show, classic, or something else that doesn’t really need me looking at it all the time. When I try to watch something like Lost (which I have tried) I end up sitting there staring at the TV with my project in my lap. I am sorry about your cutting mishap. Maybe you can make both sizes and give one for a gift.

  5. Lynda

    How cute! Why not use this as a design feature? Cut the rest of the leg out and join it with a piping feature? I wouldn’t use corded piping, just a folded fabric strip. Maybe baby blue or yellow? I know we have ALL made interesting projects due to TV/life taking our attention away.
    This will be a precious outfit for your new little guy!
    Lynda in LV

  6. bernadette

    The fabric is so cute – I hope you can save the project somehow. Heck, I know you can!
    I have never tried TV-watching while sewing. But I have tried books-on-tape a few times. Mostly, I don’t make a sewing mistake. But I forget to pay attention to the story and have to rewind a lot!
    In my sewing history there have been plenty of weird mistakes – like cutting out two left sleeves, forgetting to reverse fabric, etc. And there was no TV on to blame, either. Ha-ha.My mistakes happen when I am in a big hurry or try to sew very late at night.

  7. Sheri

    Ha! Before Christmas I’d been saving this great fabric to make a special apron for a hostess gift. I made myself wait and wait to start this exciting project, and then at the last minute was pushed to get it done. So I launched in and cut the fabric, only to find I’d cut it so the print was upside down. So then I dug into another piece, and MADE THE SAME MISTAKE!!! Then I tried piecing them together to make one big enough piece. Nope, that didn’t work. In the end, all I wound up with was a cute basket liner, and a lot of oddball scraps. What a waste! And I couldn’t even blame TV, it was my own dumb fault for rushing myself without a good plan! AAARRRGGHH! 🙂 On days like this, I try to remember to stop and take up something harmless but useful, like bobbin winding on my new Sidewinder!

  8. Meg

    Lynda in LV has a good idea there. I wish I could say tv was the culprit of my blunders. Sigh. I just tend to do those things anyway! Recently, I dumped my Splenda in the garbage can and put the wrappers in my coffee. Didn’t notice it until I tasted paper. That was sans kids, sans tv, sans radio, and sans husband. (This is the first time I’ve told it.)

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