Flirty And Flowy

With the writer’s strike on a wind down, it’s nice to see some awards shows popping up – there’s nothing like checking out the celebrity formal wear. One dress that immediately popped out at me was Carrie Underwood’s Zuhair Murad gown. It’s dressy yet flirty and not over the top in design. If you’re wanting to recreate this romantic look for yourself, check out Simplicity 3503 and either this gorgeous silk from Emma One Sock or this one in a beautiful floral print from Gorgeous Things. I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive – sleeveless styles here I come! [photo via FabSugar]

3 thoughts on “Flirty And Flowy

  1. bernadette

    So pretty! I also have heard that long, casual- often floral – dresses will once again be “in” for daytime and date wear. But I don’t think that will easily happen. The look won’t “go to work” and our country seems to be in too bad a mood for such fun! But you never know with fashions!

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