Tartan Coat

I love coats and jackets. If I had enough room in my closet, I’d have one for every sort of occasion imaginable! That’s why, when I saw a photo of Dita Von Teese attending a show for Fashion Week, I just had to add this number to my ‘inspiration collection’. I’m thinking that McCall 5525, view E, looks fairly close (the belt would have to be changed, of course) – although, I’m sure the fit will be much different seeing that I do not have a 22 inch waist (16 when she corsets herself)! [photo via CelebWarship]

4 thoughts on “Tartan Coat

  1. Anary

    Did you say 16?! Oh my..those rumors about people removing their rib cages must be true..hahahah. Beautiful coat…I loved the mcccall’s one..I might pick that one at Joann’s upcoming sales! One more classic to my pattern collection.

  2. bernadette

    I love plaid coats. Well. I love plaid itself, too. And I especially love plaid with red in it. So that coat gets my vote. You would look great in it.
    (Browsing style.com and viewing all the Fall 2008 RTW shows from NY Fashion Week, the best one for my money is Ralph Lauren. Lots of red, lots of plaid, and the most fabulous hats.)

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