No Shopping For February?

Yesterday could have been better – Taylor was sick, the weather outside was horrible (another blizzard), and worst of all, someone vandalized Bret’s car. He walked outside only to find the front windshield smashed and the driver’s side window completely gone – and the car filled with snow. To make matters worse, 1) we just replaced the front windshield of our other car due to a crack in the windshield and 2) it’s all out of pocket since the cost to repair it is under the cost of our deductible. BAH!
Consequently, I’m putting myself on a sewing notionfabricmagazine ration (I would say book, but it’s too late for that, we had already placed an Amazon order and I picked out Sew Everything Workshop). I’m going to attempt to sew from my stash of goodies for the month – I’m excited to see how much I can dwindle down my fabric stack(s). For starters, I’ve got Kwik Sew 3467 traced and on the sidebar. Since this is a non-maternity style top I’ve opted to make view B, the sleeveless tunic to wear this springsummer after I deliver. I’ve decided to use a burgundyred jersey with bits of gold metallic lame throughout (I believe I originally purchased this at Hancock Fabrics last year for a Burda WOF top that I never got to).
What are you all going to work on this weekend?

11 thoughts on “No Shopping For February?

  1. Miss Sassy

    Ugh – why would some do that vandalism? So nasty. I hope Taylor feels better.
    The weather – I’m with you. I think we must have 7-8″ out there right now if not more. And it is still snowing!
    This weekend I hope to work on a mini-quilt for my best friend’s birthday, some storage bags, a few lip balm cozies.
    Hope your weekend is better than yesterday.

  2. stephi

    i’m sadend to hear such news. what is the thrill of injuring others in that manner? and then “yo baby” is sick, that is the worst! the weather here is cold but no snow just whats been here for a week or so. but the wind chill is like -10! i would take the snow!
    i am home today cuz i work the weekend, so i’m finishing a quilt top my gma made for me and making valentine quilt postcards. then i have to load it all up by noon, so when the family gets home it looks like i did something!!!
    i hope all goes better for you and your hubby and keep those posts going i look forward to hearing from you each day!

  3. Aimey

    What a shame, I just can’t understand why anyone would do something like that. I hope the car wasn’t in your driveway.
    Is Taylor feeling better? Did she get a snow day today? We’re in Illinois and got nearly a foot dumped on us last night. Yesterday my mom-in-law and I went to a wilton class an hour away and it took us four hours to get home! Needless to say my daughter got a snow day, so maybe after the sledding I’ll be able to get her easter dress cut out today and this weekend I had planned on working on some more baby stuff. That and my husband and I have a long over due date night tomorrow night 🙂
    Good luck with the stash sewing, I think it’s fun to dig through what you’ve already got and get inspired by it all over again, sometimes though I sit and wonder “why did I buy this?”

  4. Sandy in W

    Wow…welcome to your new neighborhood…and then to have the whole thing be even worse because of the snow. Mean people suck, as the bumper sticker says.
    I looked at the Sew Everything book just the other day at Barnes and Noble and was very tempted to get it but I resisted. It would sure be a great book for someone just getting started.
    I have been working (for the L O N G E S T time, on a jacket out of blue microsuede with black contrasting collar and pocket tabs, and I SO would like to finish it before I fly to to Toledo (in a little over a week) for a baby shower for my young friend whose pregnancy I am also monitoring by ‘puter and webcam!
    Hope you don’t “get” what Taylor’s had..I HATE stomach bugs…throwing up is such a cruel inventiion.

  5. MelissaB

    Oh man Stacy, when it rains it pours (or shall we say it’s blizzards outside – yes I know that isn’t even a word). So sorry to hear about Taylor and your car. Both are just terrible, but one could have been avoided if people didn’t get their kicks of doing mean things. Hopefully you stay well – throwing up when your preggo is awful (ask me how I know???).
    I am glad to hear you have a good plan of action to keep your budget in check while you recoup from the expense – can’t wait to see all those stash goodies you create! 🙂

  6. Meg

    Great attitude, though!! Same thing happened to me in 06. No sense to it. But, isn’t this just proof positive that we SHOULD gorge on fabric? For those rainy (ahem SNOWY) days?
    I’m working on a gored skirt and trying the “sewing downhill” method to offset my irregular feed. While I wait for my new walking foot in the mail, I just gotta do SOMEthing. Sure hope it works!

  7. Beth

    Hi Stacy,
    I am so sorry to hear about the vandalism to your husband’s car. The same thing has been happening in Columbia, SC. The issue here in SC is that we are being warned not to leave any valuables in our car. Valuables include purses, phone, laptops, and bags that may contain lap tops.
    Several neighborhoods near my home have had a series of car break-ins like your husband however, no snow in the car and maybe some rain.
    I picked my recently repaired Bernina 1630 in Charlotte, NC last week-end and was a little nervous because I had other shopping and had to leave the machine sitting in plain view in my car.
    You may want to talk to your neighbors and see if there have been other incidents.
    Take Care and I love your blog.

  8. Carrie

    I’m sorry to hear about that, that is horrible. Some people are such jerks 🙁
    I have a house full this weekend so very little sewing will be done, but I am entering a project in a Crafster Challenge. Hopefully the light will be good tomorrow to take pictures.
    Hope Taylor is feeling better soon!

  9. anary

    Oh my…So sorry to hear about Bret’s car. I do not know what goes thru these people’s minds to do such a terrible thing…Why they don’tt look for a huge load of laundry to do? I bet they would spend their “evil” energy in something more positive…Gosh that upsets me soo much. A while ago My beloved’s car was vandalized infront of the sinagoge! Can you believe that??
    Oh…the book you got..WORTH every pennie. I love mine!

  10. bernadette

    Sorry to hear about the vandalism. There’s just no excuse for it. But it can happen anywhere, I guess. We were just in Hawaii and every parking lot has signs warning that break-ins are common and not to leave ANYTHING visible, especially in a rental car. One guide book said to make sure not to transfer stuff from car to trunk where anyone can see you! Sorta dims “paradise”.

  11. Caty

    ooh! I love Sew Everything WOrkshop, I got it at Barnes and Nobles a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it!!

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