Well, I can check one thing off my list – Kwik Sew 3090 is now complete.

Since Taylor came home from school sick yesterday (darn stomach bugs) I needed to find ‘quiet’ activities that I could work on while she napped (you know a child is really sick when they sleep and it’s not bedtime!), so I decided to give the romper a whirl. I was amazed at how fast this went together – in no time, it was finished:

I made this one in a small and I can already tell that it’s too large to be immediately used. I may trace of the XS (newborn size) and make a few more! By the way, I got to try my new snap setter tool and love it – it made perfect snaps every time! I think it will work great for small projects, but if you’re someone who’s planning on working with lots of snaps (say for example you’re selling items online), you’ll want something quicker like an industrial press.

14 thoughts on “Romper

  1. Average Jane Crafter

    Holy Smokes! That is so adorable and look perfectly made! I’m so impressed! I love the fabric, too. I’m floored by how much sewing you are able to get done! I’ve had two kids home sick this week (influenza .. in a bad way!) and I haven’t made a darn thing. I’m starting to get a twitch …
    great work!

  2. Carol

    That is so cute! I love the fabric. You are inspiring me to get sewing again … I used to sew alot, but got lazy.

  3. Kasey

    That is just too cute! I have a sweet little nephew that I’ve been wanting to sew for. The snaps look like they match perfectly. Did you buy the snaps at JoAnn’s or one of the chains?

  4. stacy

    Thanks so much everyone!
    Kasey – I purchased the snaps and the snap setter from SewZanne’s – it’s the Snap Source tool. I had read some of those snap setters that Dritz makes don’t work that well and the Snap Source had good reviews. It was $9 for the tool and came with some samplerpractice sets too. I think I found a new toy! LOL

  5. Katie

    Hi Stacy!
    That little outfit is so cute!!!
    Thanks for letting us know what tool you used for the snaps. I have a Dritz tool that I hate. The only one I could find on sewzanne’s is a small purple tool that you use with a hammer, is this the one you have?

  6. David

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    Happy Sewing!

  7. Katrina

    Really cute! I didn’t start sewing until a few months before I had my 3rd child so I missed all the baby stuff. I started on one but didn’t complete it. My 4th is due in July so this encourages me to begin working on some things for this one. This will be my last so it would be nice to make a few things for a newborn. The romper that I started on with my 3rd called for the snaps on a strip. I didn’t find any at the time so I think that’s why I stopped.

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