To Do List

I must be nesting because I have an extreme urge to get lots of projects finished. And I’ve realized, there’s plenty to do….

So I’ve devised a list of sorts to help keep me on track – and hopefully you all will help me stay focused!
I have 5 major projects to complete that have deadlines. Two are for a holiday article that will appear in this year’s Sew News‘ Sew Up The Holidays and the rest will be announced later on in the year (yes, I’m a tease, but I promise you it’ll be worth the wait!).
Aprons. I have several superhero aprons that I need to attend to (Carrie, I promise I haven’t forgotten). I would also like to make Emmeline after it arrives if time allows.
Home Decor. Aside from the bathroom swag (by the way, DHL never delivered my package yesterday), I need to make some sort of window treatment for my sewing room, and something for Taylor’s bay window seating.
Baby Items. I have several rompers and clothes patterns that I would love to try out before this little guy decides to make his debut into the world (11 weeks to go!) as well as make a Big Nap Pillow.
Embroidery. First priority is to get my Magic Box working so I can transfer designs off my computer to my machine. After that, both my mom and mother-in-law have made a few requests that I need to work on.
Misc. Projects. Of course, I can’t resist working on garments, projects from books and magazines, items that appear on the sidebar…… But the big question is, will I be able to get it all finished before April (my due date)?

6 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. Sheila

    What kind of embroidery machine do you have? And what’s a Magic Box? Also, does anyone have any recommendations of what kind works best– there are sooo many out there. I’ve been drawn to the Singer Quantum, but don’t really know much about them.

  2. stacy

    I have an embroidery only machine the Brother PE150 (I’m not sure that they make those anymore since I’ve had it for so long now). It has been a great machine, but the only drawback is that it’s embroidery field is only 4×4 which is quite small for some projects that I’d like to work on.
    The Magic Box is a device that hooks up to your computer and allows you to use other embroidery cards and design formats that wouldn’t regularly work with your machine (it converts them to the style your machine reads). It’s been wonderful because it seems like I love the cards that don’t work with my machine! LOL
    I don’t know much about the Singer Quantum, hopefully someone else can share their experience with you! My only suggestion is to get one with a large embroidery field so you don’t have to split designs or stay with smaller styles.

  3. Julie

    I look at the projects you have completed so far in January and I have no doubt that you will be able to complete most of them. Thanks for the description of the Magic Box. It sounds really cool!

  4. mamafitz

    ELEVEN weeks? that’s all? wow! better hope baby doesn’t decide to show up early (like my connor did, 10 days early, and i’m in labor and delivery telling everyone that i do not have time to have this baby, i have things to do. ha!)

  5. Kris

    Hi Stacy! I found the spider eye today! Knew it would pop up… Let me know if you need it – I can measure the diameter for you 🙂

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