A Rant, Of Sorts

With a new house comes the inevitable – home decor sewing (btw, thank you all very much for your suggestions on the bay window cushion). While I don’t mind doing some sewing for the home, it’s definitely not my favorite sort of project to work on. Consequently, I hadn’t planned on doing much – that is until I got the idea to make a swag (to hang over our bathroom tub) that matched our new bedding. That’s when the trouble began……

Since we had the valances for the bedroom already, I decided that I wanted the swag to match. To do this, I had the idea that I would purchase matching drapes (that way I didn’t have to worry about color matching), sew them together to make one long piece of material, and then drape it over the rod. My order arrived and I was motivated to sew…. that is until I realized that Nautica doesn’t sell drapes in sets – that’s right you’re only getting one panel at a time! Now who sells 1/2 a window? Back to the computer I go and find a great deal on the other drapery panel. While the company was speedy in sending out my order, the shipping company is causing headaches. This is the first time I’ve ever had difficulty getting a package because the ‘delivery service’ can’t figure out how to find my house! Yes, that’s right I had to make a map for DHL to figure out how to find where I live – now don’t they have this sort of ‘technology’ for themselves? I am hoping the driver can find my house this time so I can finally start putting up some window treatments!
In other news, I went shopping on eBay and found the perfect sweater for felting (let’s hope the seller doesn’t use DHL to ship my package!) – now I can finally work on a project from Warm Fuzzies…. I’m so excited!

5 thoughts on “A Rant, Of Sorts

  1. Julie

    Sorry to hear about your swag dilemma. I guess they figure they are going to make more money by selling one panel at a time. Looking forward to see how the swag turns out. You will just have to do some sewing for yourself while you wait for the other panel!

  2. stacy

    I guess it’s good to hear I’m not the only one with DHL problems…. As far as an update goes, they still haven’t delivered my package!

  3. Isabelle

    That is so annoying! Happened to me with a fabric order last summer. The fabric company sent my order the next day of purchase, but because of the stupid shipping company, the box traveled to and fro twice. The order took more than two months to reach me. What was supposed to be late summer fabrics were mostly useless when they arrived in wintry weather.
    Hope your order reaches you more quickly than that! 🙂

  4. Penny

    If I know a company is using DHL to ship, I refuse to give them my business. I have had nothing but trouble every time DHL has been used.
    The last time DHL dropped my package off at the Post Office for delivery with our mail.
    Hope your package arrives soon.

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