49 Sensational Skirts

According to Style.com, 2008 is the year to create. Want a way to bring in this idea to your wardrobe? Look no further than 49 Sensational Skirts: Creative Embellishment Ideas for One-of-a-kind Designs!
What’s nice about this book is that it covers all the bases – from deconstruction of materials to add to your original designs to a brief discussion on how to alter the pattern provided in the back of the book. Yes, that’s right you don’t need to search for the perfect skirt pattern – one is provided for you! However, the real ‘meat’ of the book is on creating fresh, one of a kind, contemporary styles. While the construction of skirts are relatively simple, the embellishments provided are extraordinary works of art. Techniques include fabric folding, embroidery work, silkscreen, stencils, and embellishing with buttons, beads and found objects.
If you love to wear skirts, but are tired of the same styles and designs, be sure to give 49 Sensational Skirts a look. You’ll definitely be have people stopping you asking where you found your outfit!

3 thoughts on “49 Sensational Skirts

  1. Anary

    Oh my….I did not know Style have endorsed craft for this year! That is serious…the world is changing…Finally adapting to US…hihih. Great review..I will for sure take a look at this book. I already have “Sew what skirt”..this one will be a nice adittion in the future.

  2. Linda L

    OOH! I have not seen this book. May be very interesting. I too am trying to go on a sewing patterns/magazine/book diet. I am doing better with patterns slipping on the magazines and books.

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