Foam Is Costly

I had no idea the price of foam was going to be so expensive. I went into Joann’s yesterday to pick up some foam padding (the kind in those long ‘sheets’) for Taylor’s bay window so that I could make a comfortable seat for her to use when she wants to sit and read, etc. After finding a good thickness I decided to calculate how much I’d be spending – $30-50 a yard! Yikes! Even at 50% off, I was going to pay at least $35 just for the padding alone, not counting the piping I wanted to make (roughly 10 yards), fabrics, and notions. Needless to say, this is one time I’m opting not to make something and will look around to buy something or make several box cushions later on. Any other ideas?
In the mean time, I might just stick with a few baby items. Threadbanger just posted a new tutorial – on making a Baby Pod (quick and easy and from a recycled sweatshirt no less!), sharkgrrl pointed me to a site that has adorable freebies (I think I’m making a few of those baby burp cloths), and I’ve had my eye on making a sling for awhile now.
Edited to add: I fixed the post so comments are now enabled! Sorry about that – I think I must have put up this post too early this morning!

8 thoughts on “Foam Is Costly

  1. Tammy

    I found a cheaper way to make a window seat cushion. I bought a 1 inch foam mattress topper from Walmart for about $15.00 then cut it in half lenthwise. I put the two pieces together, then wrapped it in batting. I then covered it with one 86 inch length curtain panel that was on clearance at Lowes. I then used 3 self-covered 2 inch buttons on both sides. I placed rubber shelf liner under the cushion to prevent it from slipping when people sit on it. The whole project cost about $30.00.

  2. Mary

    Hi Stacy,
    Here is another option for getting foam at a more reasonable price if you want to make the cushion for Taylor’s bay window. You can purchase foam camping pads at a discount store. (We have Fred Meyers…a Kroger affilliate…not sure what is comparable in your neck of the woods) They come in 2″ thick pieces and I believe the twin size was about $10.00. I made lounging pads for our students to lie with their guide dogs. I ended up cutting it in pieces as my boss wanted them to be foldable…big PITA…but that’s another story!!! HTH…Mary

  3. MelissaB

    More more suggestion is trying an upholstery shop. I bought some foam at ours when we moved into our home and remember being shocked how reasonable it was. It might be worth a phone call or maybe I just got lucky that one time – hard to say!

  4. Karine

    I understand what you mean. I’ve been wanting to make a bench for the foot of my bed and am held back by the cost of the foam pads, even with my discount card. Next time,I will try an upholstery shop like the above commenter suggested.

  5. Aimey

    Thanks for the link on the how to for the baby sling (that baby pod was adorable too). I had been looking for instructions on the sling since they cost b/w $60 and $80 on the websites. I always thought that was a lot since there is really nothing to it. I don’t know if you plan on nursing or not but has a tutorial on a knock off of a popular cover.

  6. Kasey

    I had the same issues with the foam. I did purchase some and made a dog bed and when my dog had puppies, once they were old enought to walk around got on the bed and peed on it! Needless to say, I wasn’t very excited about buying more foam. I’m going to try Tammy’s tip!

  7. Leslie in Austin

    I’ll second the suggestion to try an upholstery shop if you can find one locally. Yes, foam is pricey, but Joann’s and Hancock’s both are *super* pricey. Plus, you’ll have more options on exactly the type of foam you want. You’d be surprised at the variety…

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