Lots (And Lots) of Links

It seems by Thursday, I’ve done so much surfing that I have a ton of fun links to share. This Thursday isn’t any different, so here’s some of my favorites:
Making Easter a bit more fun – knitted eggs! I wish I could knit better, I’d make a dozen of these!
I love felt food and am totally amazed at how realistic some of them look. Here’s a chance to make some for yourself – these fortune cookies are adorable and would make a wonderful (and fun) Valentines gift (especially with sweet love notes tucked inside). If you like this design, then be sure to stop by the designer’s website where she has lots more ideas. [link via CraftSanity Blog]
Have a favorite quilting show, but always seem to miss it? Then be sure to check out Quilters TV! [link via Craft Gossip]
I may not wear a lot of them, but I secretly love aprons. That’s why when I saw Montessori by Hand’s Emmeline apron, I couldn’t resist. Not only is it one of the most stylish ones that I’ve seen lately, but it’s reversible too. It’s on pre-order only, so my pattern won’t arrive until sometime in February… be prepared for a review then!
These hanging storage bags are not just functional, but they are so adorable! I may keep this in mind for toys to keep away the toy chest clutter. [link via Craft]
If you’re looking for a charity to support this year, be sure to check into The Sewing Machine Project. This charity donates sewing machines to weather stricken areas (right now it’s New Orleans) and helps coordinate volunteers to sew various charity projects. [link via Bernina Sewing Trends Blog]
It may not have much to do with sewing, but definitely falls under the ‘what not to wear’ (or sew if you’re thinking of knocking that celebrity garment off) category – my favorite snarky girls are about to release their upcoming book Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Awards. This ought to be a fun read!
Speaking of books, I’m in reading 49 Sensational Skirts. I’ll be posting a review soon.
With all the talk of bigfoot on Mars, this entry from Sewing Stars seems so appropriate (not to mention cute)!

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