I Now Have A Diaper Bag

Last night, I had the opportunity to sit in front of my machine and finish the last few steps of the nappy bag – and here are the results:

Let me say that the extra pockets did create quite a bit of extra bulk, but my machine manged to make it through it fine! Trimming away the excess canvas and grading the seam allowances also really helped make the seams lay flatter (although they are still a bit bulky). The only other problem I had with this is turning the whole thing right side out after sewing the lining and bag together…. I had to have Bret help me pull it all through! Otherwise this pattern went together without a hitch. I do think that if I make this again, I’ll omit the canvas all together. Although it gives the bag shape, it does make it a bit heavier and bulkier than what I think I would like – I’m thinking of using a heavier weight interfacing instead.
Next up, the changing pad! I’m planning on heading out to the store and picking up an inexpensive towel for this one – I think it will really give me a lot more color options and weights.

8 thoughts on “I Now Have A Diaper Bag

  1. Carrie

    The bag looks great!! Love that fabric. Next time give Craft Fuse by Pellon or Fuse a Shade a try for your interfacing. You can buy both at Joann’s, I love both.

  2. Miss Sassy

    Beautiful! It is the prettiest diaper bag I have ever seen!
    For a changing pad, I used flannel and it worked great. There are lots of flannel options and doubled it works great and is cozy. You could use flannel on the top and something like PUL on the bottom (or top for that matter).

  3. stephi

    Cool! I love it! I am so excited….good for you! I am going fabric shopping in like 10 days! the closest store that has Amy Butler patterns is 2 hours away! so i can hardly wait! then I will have one too!
    p.s. lucky baby that gets to say his mommy has that bag!

  4. sassypriscilla

    Hey Stacy – I’m thinking about making this bag for a friend. Do you think flannel for the lining would work since the canvas was a bit bulky or would you think the heavyweight interfacing would be best?
    Hope all is well with you. I’ve been keeping up with you blog but didn’t want comment on your giveaway week since I’m trying to pare down what I own myself. 🙁

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