Extra Pockets

Since Taylor invited a friend over for the afternoon, I found some time to start on the Nappy Bag project. I had spent some time reading reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review and decided on a few changes before I got started:
1. I planed on attaching the canvas to the lining of the bag and not the outside material. (I wound up using a basting spray to adhere it to the lining which worked wonderfully, although a bit smelly)
2. I will add a magentic snap to the lining to help keep the bag closed a bit better (I found a package of three in the purse isle of Joann’s so now I have plenty for future bags).
3. I will eliminate the bottle pockets. This was probably the biggest complaint that I read about – attaching the bottle pockets according to the directions will cause you to lose the function of several pockets (you’re essentially sewing a pocket over top of two other pockets causing them to become an ‘L’ shape and pretty much useless).
Since I decided to nix the whole idea of a bottle pocket, I thought it might be nice to add another row of pockets on the inside (because you can never have to many pockets right?). To do this, I measured how tall I wanted the pocket to be, marked this off on the pattern piece, and cut. When it came to stitching the pockets down to the lining, I made one continual line and sewed them all at once. Here’s what it looks like so far:

I’m sure that when it comes to sewing the linings together that I will have a tremendous amount of bulk to deal with when I hit the extra pocket. I plan on switching out to a larger needle and increasing my stitch length to help with sewing and then trimming the canvas close to the stitching and grading the seam allowances once I’m done.
What kind of modifications did you make to your bag to make it more personalized?

5 thoughts on “Extra Pockets

  1. lori

    I made the bottle pocket on the first try and then have never added it since. I only ever used those pockets for pencils and stuff. Carrying a bottle there was too bulky and i didn’t like it. I think you are making the right choice by omitting it.

  2. Anary

    Ok seriously..this bag looks so cool…and the modifications that you made is a calling…”Hey ana buy this pattern…you need pockets”..and I think I got no babies…so the voice says…but “you carry a lot of stuff anyway”…haha. Now..I am not calling Dr.Phill…do not even try..hihihi.
    Your modifications seams to be very apropriate…and I think it is cool to adapt the patterns to what you need…Sewing is about good fitting..and in this case…fit your style and needs! Kudos!

  3. Kris C.

    I love the fabric you’re using! Very cute! I have the Nappy Bag cut out (omitting bottle pockets) but still have not sewn it. Oops….maybe you’ll inspire me to get going on it.

  4. linda

    Ah yes, the bottle pockets were bad on mine. I think I like my nappy bag more for the fabric and the cute shape rather than for the function. :o) It looks awfully cute hanging up, but doesn’t do so well sitting on the ground or on a table. I did make this bag once for a friend with decorator weight fabric and left out the interior canvas. It made the bag much lighter, I thought. You’re brilliant with the extra line of pockets. It will definitely be more practical this way. :o)

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