The Top So Nice, I’ve Made It Twice

Before I show you my new (and rather fantastic, if I do say so myself) Kwik Sew maternity top, I thought I would share a photo of my new and massive pillow.

As you can see, it takes up a whole side of our king size, so if you have to share a small bed, you may have some placement issues. Otherwise, it’s fantastic – it’s like being wrapped in a big hug all night! When I’m not sleeping with it, Taylor has decided that it makes the perfect pillow to lounge on while watching t.v. – at least I’m getting my money’s worth with this item!
Now…. to the new top!

Typically when I make a garment for the second time, it goes a lot faster. However, I spent so much time fiddling with the contrast fabric (getting it to lay flat enough to sew, finding the right stitches that wouldn’t eat the fabric, etc.) that it seemed to take forever. Thankfully, that was only a small part of the sewing and the horse-bit jersey was a dream to work with.

Now who says maternity wear can’t be stylish? I feel so trendy in this top, I just love it – in fact I can’t wait for it to warm up some so I can wear this out without freezing!

15 thoughts on “The Top So Nice, I’ve Made It Twice

  1. Cyndi

    I like the red on you. That is very nice! And the white band looks like it is laying just fine now. How did you fix it?

  2. stacy

    Lots and lots of starch! It was the only way to get it to lie flat enough for me to be able to sew it.

  3. melissa

    Looks like you’re getting your money’s worth out of the pattern, too! I’m glad you finally beat that contrast fabric into submission. Resisting buying those cheapo knits is a hard, hard lesson to learn. 🙁

  4. Joanne

    This post has only made me more certain that I need to learn to sew clothes better before I get pregnant, because this is leagues ahead of normal maternity wear.
    love the pillow!

  5. Julie

    Cute top!! Glad you found a way to make the cheap jersey behave.
    I would love one of those pillows to cuddle with but my husband would probably be envious of it.

  6. Twila

    That looks SO fabulous on you! I like the “modern” idea that women don’t have to try to hide their bellies under yards of fabric when they’re pregnant. You look great.

  7. Nancy

    Hope the pillow helps to make you more comfortable! The shirt makes you even glow more! We’ll see you next weekend.

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