New Top For The New Year

Well, after a long day of errand running, I managed to come home and finish my Kwik Sew Maternity top. What do you think?

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out – it’s cute, stylish (well, as stylish as what you can get in maternity wear), and so comfortable. The construction of this top went together pretty easily, however, I managed to make one mistake…. It seems to happen every time I work with a cross-over look – I reverse the way the bodice crosses. Normally, it’s not a big deal, but when you’re adding ties that meet off center, it does (i.e. the bodice should have the right over the left with the longer tie on the right so that when it is tied it gives the illusion that the tie and the contrast band are ‘one’)! Unfortunately, I didn’t notice my mistake until after the ties were inserted and side seams sewn. I fixed it by snipping off the longer tie, folding under the raw edges and sewing across the bottom. Next time, I’ll check and then double check which way I cross the front!
I’ll be making another version of this top once I can decide which fabric to use next!

28 thoughts on “New Top For The New Year

  1. Debbie Cook

    Hey Stacy, you look great! Love the top on you. B/W are good colors for you. And if you don’t tell anyone about the mistake, they’ll never know. So … ssshhhhh! 😉

  2. Sandy in W

    Ooooooh! And I REALLY MEAN, oooooh! That is SO cute! You assessed correctly that it IS stylish…kind of cute AND sophisticated at the same time. Can’t wait to see your next version of the pattern. Hurry, ok?

  3. Julie

    Gorgeous top! You look absolutely adorable. By doing the cross-over the other way, you gave it your own special look.

  4. Kris C.

    Very cute! I think that’s a great maternity top. Looking forward to seeing what other fabrics you use for the next versions. (And hoping that if I get pregnant again, I have/make time to sew more maternity clothes!)

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