What’s Been Going On?

I have to admit, not much is happening in the sewing room at the moment. I did start on the Kwik Sew top and have the bodice part of the garment finished, but I believe my machines may remain quiet today as I declare today “building day” (i.e. putting together all those cabinets, changing tables, etc. that have been sitting in our house for a week or so now)!
I did mange to make a few online purchases recently – first was from Sewzannes, where I ordered a grab bag (because I couldn’t resist), some knit yardage, and this snap setter tool. I’ve heard good things about it in the past so I’m anxious to try it out. I am also contemplating making Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag – for those of you who have made it, how do you like it and what did you think of the changing pad (is it worth making?)?
I also ordered curtainsvalance for our bedroom set. Why not make them myself? I don’t ever expect to be able to match the color tones for our bedding. I am planning on taking the curtain panels and sewing them together to make a swag, so I suppose that I’ll be doing some sort of sewing for that room after all. Lastly, in a non-sewing related and bizarre looking (so I thought I would share) purchase I broke down and ordered this: Leachco Back ‘N Belly – Contoured Body Pillow. Did you see how massive that thing is? I really feel like I need it as my hips are aching so bad when I sleep at night and the standard pillow between the legs isn’t cutting it anymore. It arrives next week and I’ll be sure to take pictures just for the heck of it!
What do you all have plans for today?

8 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On?

  1. bernadette

    Love that pillow! I don’t think one has to be pregnant to enjoy it. Maybe I need one. I use a small knee pillow. I guess I’d need a bigger bed first, though.

  2. Miss Sassy

    I remember how your hips can hurt at night. It is difficult sleeping on one side all the time! I hope the pillow helps.
    Today, I already started bean with bacon soup for supper in the slow cooker. I have a few items to ship to my customers. We will be watching the playoffs with the PACKERS so I hope to work on the bandage project that Junie Moon is promoting for people who suffer leprosy.
    Finally, I hope to finish something I started for you and my other blog readers from that giveaway I mentioned in October. I’m humiliated even mentioning it now…

  3. Kris C.

    I love my snapsetter tool! (Granted, I’ve heard that snap presses are way cooler, but I don’t have one, so…) It works SO much better than the cheapo ones that come in the snap packages at Wal-Mart. Hope you like yours.
    As for today, I’m trying to finish up my “white serger thread” queue. 🙂

  4. Robin E

    Hi Stacy!
    I made the Nappy Bag, and I love the changing pad. It’s a great size, nice and soft (for those times when I’ve had to change the boy on hard bathroom floors), and I just like the way it looks. If you’re making the bag, it also fits just perfectly down in the bottom.
    The snap setter tool is great! And their snaps are really nice too– nice long prongs that work on thin knits and even in thick fleece.
    Enjoy the pillow! I know I was so grateful for mine the further along my pregnancy got– even if my husband wasn’t (he didn’t appreciate having a third body in the bed with us… made snuggling a little more challenging). 😛

  5. Carrie

    I hope the pillow gives you comfort, and sweet dreams! My hips were soooo bad when I was prego. I actually had to sleep in a hammock chair for a while. LOL I have been busy today, see pics at my blog.

  6. MelissaB

    You busy lady! I made an AB Weekender bag yesterday – that was definitely more than I bargained for. Thankfully it’s done – today is a day of rest (and I need it!).

  7. stacy

    Thanks everyone for all the comments! I broke down and (just) ordered the Nappy Bag – I can’t wait for it to arrive! Now to find some fun fabric to use with it.
    Now I can’t wait for that snap setter, it’s good to hear that so many of you like it! How does it work on denim?

  8. mamafitz

    i LOVE the nappy bag, and have made it, um, i think 6 times? i know i reviewed the first one i made over at PR. never did make the changing pad, though i’m sure it’s great.
    the snap setter works great. i’ve never had problems with it, though it can get noisy sometimes with the hammer. 😉

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