I Didn’t Want To Do It

After mulling over my measurements, looking at the finished garment measurements, and remeasuring myself again, I decided the best thing to do with my Kwik Sew maternity top is to trace the pattern. I had hoped just to cut right into it and get started, but I’m thinking that I may need to tweak this pattern in some areas or I’ll be eventually going up another size before my due date. So, I spent the afternoon tracing all the pieces and cutting out the fabric, so I’m ready to sew!
In the mean time, I stumbled across this Naea Amanda hobo. What makes this bag so special? I already own this fabric – it came as part of my free fabric bundle from Fabric.com this summer! If I find the time, I may actually knock off this bag using Vogue 8466. After the pattern and orange lining I’ll have saved at least $225!

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To Do It

  1. Kasey

    I love the purse pattern! I have a list of Vogue patterns that I “need”, now that list is getting longer! Hope they go on sale soon.

  2. christina

    What a great summertime bag! My wheels are turning…
    I can’t believe they are charging $250 for a simple hobo bag. Thanks for the idea, Barneys!

  3. Carrie

    I actually like the Vogue pattern better than the Naea Amanda. The shape is more appealing in the Vogue, I think that will look fabulous!! Go Stacy!

  4. Sharon

    I am just curious if you made Vogue 8466. I have mine done (and lined it in addition to the pattern instructions). Problem is, I am at the very last step, and cannot figure out the folds in the straps. The instructions say right sides together first, but the illustration shows wrong sides together. No matter how I try it, it doesn’t lay well at all. Thanks!

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