The Man Purse

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry carries a ‘purse’ and claims,

“It’s not a purse, it’s European.”

This is what celebrities must be saying because twice in the same week, I’ve seen (celebrity) men carrying what looks to be purses. First it was Robert Downey Jr. and today it’s James Spader. Is this a new 2008 trend that I’ve missed or is this just another part of a weird celebrity get-up?

2 thoughts on “The Man Purse

  1. Meg

    So funny! My 3yo stole my cheapo embarrassing purse, took it to gymnastics, reached in it and produced money he’d swiped from me and declared to everyone present that he intended to spend it on the ice cream truck. One of his instructors, upon hearing him refer to it as a purse, told him, “No, John. That’s a European MAN BAG!!!!”

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