Contests, Books, and Lots of Links

As I’m sitting here contemplating what my next project should be (I’m leaning toward Jalie 2788), I’ve been surfing the web. Of course, that means lots of links!
Two of my favorite things – Amy Butler and Craft Magazine have united to bring you a FANTASTIC contest for the new year. The grand prize for this one is a new sewing machine as well as other great Amy Butler swag – you can read the official rules here.
As if I don’t have enough books already, I’ve found another one that looks fantastic – Sew Everything Workshop. Guess what I’ll probably be ordering with my next Amazon purchase?
Make your kid a rockstar. Very memorable and cool baby announcements, holiday cards, and birthday invites.
The other day, Average Jane Crafter wrote about DYI’s Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads, Stylelicious, and Craft Lab being discontinued! Read here for more details and what you can do to save one of these great shows.
If you enjoy making paper toys, be sure to stop by Nice Bunny – they have a very large selection of FREE downloads (and they look great too)!

2 thoughts on “Contests, Books, and Lots of Links

  1. Katie

    Hi Stacy! I love your blog…just wanted to say that I just got the Sew Everything Workshop book from Amazon and I really like it…it’s got a bunch of cute patterns in it. Hopefully I’ll get around to making one of them soon! 🙂

  2. Christy S.

    Your truly are a fountain of information and your blog is great. Thanks for the info on the Amy Butler contest. I’m so psyched. I just love her work! Now let’s see if I can get something done before the deadline!

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