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The ‘Finished’ Sewing Room

It seems like it’s been ages since I started working on my sewing room, but all the effort has finally payed off. My sewing room is now ‘finished’. Aside from window treatments, the hanging of my inspiration board and picture, and possibly a future paint job, this is what my sanctuaryworkroom looks like (beware, image heavy post):

When you first look into the room, this is what you’ll see – my ‘reading area’. The bookshelf is a new purchase and was really necessary to hold all the books (I didn’t realize I had so many, but I can’t help it, I love books) and magazines (all those that you see are predominantly Burda World of Fashion, but also contain a few Ottobre, Patrones, Knip Mode, etc.). The pillows on the futon need to have slipcovers made to match the other fabrics in the room (my first 2008 project) and the Gumdrop Pillows that sit next to them.

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Fun Links!

With one holiday down and quite a few boxes unloaded (tomorrow’s post – photos of the ‘finished’ sewing room), I’ve been finding more time to surf. I’ve stumbled across lots of fun links, here are some of my favorite:
It looks like the convertible wrap dress is stylish, again. Don’t want to shell out $270 for one? Then here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own!
If you’re a wonder with recycling, then be sure to check out this entry on how to get your craft project published in an upcoming book.
For those of use who are limited on space – using a spice rack to store notions.
I’m not sure what I would do with it, but I love this knit lobster. Pair these up with futuregirl’s octopus, sea creatures, and seahorses and you could have a whole underwater adventure!
A fantastic tip on taming glittery fabrics. I can’t wait to try this one out!
Christmas may be over, but I still love these Ice Cream Cone Christmas ornaments. [link via Thimble]

Pattern Giveaway Contest

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pattern – I thought I had purchased the new Jalie Sweetheart Neckline top (24794), but instead, I accidently ordered the Jalie Crossover Top (2449). While this is definitely one of my favorite patterns, I don’t need two. So, I’m giving this one away. Just leave a comment in this entry and I’ll put your name into the hat for this pattern – I’ll draw a name on January 1, 2008 (I figure it’s a good way to start the new year). Good luck!

Chance To Be Published

You may better know the name Kathy Murillo from her Crafty Chica books (Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul, The Crafty Diva’s D.I.Y. Stylebook, and The Crafty Chica Collection: Beautiful Ideas for Crafts, Home Decorations and Shrines from the Queen of Latina Style (Quarry Book)), but now she’s got a new book in the works and is asking for your help! Kathy is looking for short ‘blurbs’ about your sewing experiences:

Something gone bad, a favorite memory, even a favorite book you read that has sewing in it, a lesson learned, a sewing circle you belong to, a trick you learned, etc.

For more information, check out her blog entry here. [link via BurdaStyle]

The Stash

I’ve finally made a dent into my sewing room boxes and have unloaded all the fabric!

I am attempting to keep my stash ‘out of site’ by using a closet for storage. I’m currently using a makeshift (pre-made) shelving units inside until Bret is able to make me something that fits the dimensions of the closet. I’ve also rolled all the larger cuts of fabric and organized them according to ‘type’ in hopes I can find things easier. How do you arrange your stash?

Almost Christmas

It’s almost Christmas here and today will be spent baking. Aside from the traditional cookies that we’ll do this evening, I’ll be making my Christmas pie favorite – Chester’s Bourbon Black Bottom Pie. This recipe is from a local restaurant (and might I add, absolutely delicious) and appeared in our local paper 2 years ago and I highly recommend it.
For those of you already in the midst of Christmas, are traveling to your holiday destinations and won’t be checking in, and for those of you who need a bit of holiday cheer early:

Just Out Of The Oven

So the title of this post would make you think that we’ve been busy in the kitchen preparing all sorts of holiday goodies. Instead, it’s to show you my Cuddly Rigor Mortis Gingerbread plush that arrived late this week:

I have to say, he’s absolutely adorable (and very nicely made). He also came packaged with numbered birth certificate (also very cute), postcard, and Cuddly Rigor Mortis sticker. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite some time, I figured that he would make a wonderful addition to the sewing room. Agh, yes, the sewing room (which is now feeling like the room that will never be organized). We had terrible snowblizzard that prevented us from getting out of the house yesterday (and getting additional shelves to store fabric) so we opted to set up Rock Band and played the Partridge Family the rest of the afternoon. Now the snow is over, today is looking much better – cross your fingers that we can get out today!

Our Tree

Nestled somewhere in between packages is our Christmas tree for this year. It’s very small, but it makes the presents look larger and is much easier to put away after the holidays are over! The best part is, it looks like Christmas around here even though we’ve still got lots of boxes to contend with.
Today, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to head out (guess what, we’re getting MORE snow and are saying we’ll be having blizzard conditions) and pick up another shelving unit for the sewing room. I’ve made some headway (not much since holiday events have taken over much of this week) and have a table with my notions and machines ready to go! Now if I could only unpack the stash I’d be set! It looks like sometime late next week, I’ll be back on the road to making projects!

Keyhole Tunic

This isn’t celebrity fashion, yet – I’m just waiting for Britney Spears to show up at some nightclub wearing this (with her hot pink wig, no doubt), but I couldn’t resist talking about it. I first spotted this Brette Sandler Keyhole Tunic while surfing FabSugar and the horrible image has been burned into my brain since. It’s meant to be worn as a swimsuit coverup, but I can see how some crazed celebrity will wear this out. Anyone want to take a guess who all might sport this number first? [photo via FabSugar]