Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Now that the tryptophan has started wearing off, it’s time to get back to work! I have several projects I want to finish in the next week and a half – so it’s time to get cracking! (look for some progress posted tomorrow!)
I had planned on getting out for a few of today’s doorbusters, Joann, JcPenny’s, and Michaels ads had caught my eye, but we finally had our first snow of winter and it’s just too nasty looking to get out there if I don’t have too. Instead, I’ll spend my time watching the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi – the KU MU game. Go KU!
What are you going to be doing today?

5 thoughts on “Rock Chalk Jayhawk

  1. bernadette

    To amuse myself while vegging out on Thursday evening, after five hours of cooking and one of eating, I read ALL the ad inserts for “Black Friday” from the newspaper. We happen to live in a mostly affluent, major metropolitan area so ther are lots of stores and lots of ads.
    I saw that the electronics “doorbusters” (in th ewee AM hours)offered lesser branded, lesser-feature stuff but at super-low prices that may tempt some. But not me.
    Just about everything else was regular or over-priced to make up for the discounts and coupons. I WAS tempted by the Hancock’s and Michaels’ads but don’t really need anything just now.
    (Trying hard to be good and finish a project or two.)
    I did hit a small, close-by, upscale dollar store (actually everything is $1-$5.) The prices were not lowered but they had more stock than usual so I picked up some yoga supplies, earmuffs, hair accessories, and a couple of small but useful gifts.
    Then I stopped at Home Depot a block away from there for furnace filters, drain cleaner, and chair leg bumpers. Very exciting!- although none of that stuff was on sale, haha.
    I may break down and use the “extra 25% off one item” coupon that ends tomorrow at G Street Fabrics where most everything is currenty on sale at 25% off until Christmas. They will probably have another coupon or two as the sale progresses.

  2. Lori

    Stacy, I hit a few stores on Friday and did get one really great deal. $200 5-piece set of luggage at Macy’s sale price $49.99 but I had a $10 coupon! Now I have to say go MU!

  3. MelissaB

    A day late here, but the day started out good – we took the kids bowling (can you believe everyone beat me??? I must really suck at bowling! LOL). Then we came home only to have all three older gets get the stomach flu. We cleaned and comforted 3 sick kids the rest of the day and into the wee morning hours. I’m still praying that this gunk by passes me & Daddy-O ~ we grown-ups have no time to be sick!
    Enjoy that first snowfall! 🙂

  4. Aimey

    I wanted to share my black friday story…My almost five year old insisted on going shopping with me this year so we were out at 5am but that meant that we were about 45 minutes late to the Joann opening (I couldn’t bear to wake her up any earlier) so when we got there most of the flannel was picked over, but I found a few things and thought I would look at the pile behind the counter from the other customers. Knowing full well that the cutting counter would be the busiest I went ahead and took a number ahead of time before I was done shopping. The number that I pulled was 60 – they were on number 12 when I pulled it! I waited around for just over an hour and a half and they had only gotten through 15 people! I went the next morning, before the doors opened this time, (I really wanted that bolt of interfacing) and when I was talking to the lady cutting my fabric she told me that it took almost an hour per customer, just when she thought she was done with someone’s order a friend or husband would come with a second overflowing shopping cart! It was insane! By the way, that interfacing is really great to iron onto patterns that you really use often – it helps them last longer. Next year I guess I’ll have to leave the little ones at home!
    Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

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