Inspriation And Shopping

I just love the holidays. Stores seem to have such a cheerful atmosphere (unless you go shopping on Black Friday and then it’s more of a ‘fend for yourself’ type attitude) and I’m so inspired to create fabulous gifts! Speaking of inspiration, I recently received a copy of Quilting Art‘s special publication,Gifts (you can check out the table of contents here). Included in this debut issue are 17 quilted and mixed media projects – many that can be made in under a day. I’m sure that I’ll be sewing up a few wine bags (for those holiday parties), wrapped boxes, and napkin rings before Christmas arrives!
While we’re on the subject of holiday gifts…..

I made another for my swap partner! A Blythe inspired shirt!

She recently purchased a doll for herself (I’m so jealous, I’ve been wanting one for years – I have such a thing for big headed, big eyed dolls) so I thought I would make her a shirt that she can proudly wear and say that she’s a doll owner! Once again, I used June Tailor‘s Print and Press transfers and have to say I’m still really impressed with the quality of the final image. I’ll have to ask how it washes up.
I’ve also been doing a bit of fun shopping. On a trip to Wal-mart, I stopped by the fabric department and found two gems: Some gray sweatshirt fleece (which I couldn’t find anywhere else in the city) for $2yd and a silver, metallic rib knit for $1! I also broke down and purchased Wee Wonderful’s Gnomes – these two were too fantastic to pass up. Besides, gnomes have really grown on me lately ever since Travelocity started running those traveling gnome commercials. Last, but not least, I broke down and purchased Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls, Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls, and for Taylor, How To Be The Best At Everything (The Girls’ Book) (they even have a section on how to design your own clothes). Whew! Now with all that shopping done, I’m headed back to the sewing room to do some sewing!

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