When I got the latest Joann’s flier, I was really inspired by Debbie Mumm’s quilted stocking on the cover. So much so, that when I decided on what kind of stocking to make for my partner (on in this case, her dog, Sara), I opted for a quilted one. Little did I know of the work that laid ahead of me!

First came the process of cutting lots of 2 1/2 inch squares – well over a 100 of them! Then, the work of sewing all those little chunks of fabric together. Of course, I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to seam matching as well, so I spent a lot of time pinning to assure everything would be even. After several hours of working, I’ve managed to come up with two ‘sheets’ of quilted fabric.

Now comes the actual part of making the stocking itself. I’ve decided not to use the Debbie Mumm pattern (it’s free and can be found here) only because it requires enlargement on a copier – and I truely despise using the copier for patterns. Instead I’m making my own stocking shape and going from there. Whew! After this project, I may get that quilting bug out of my system!

One thought on “Quilting

  1. umjudis

    Your work reminds me of a quilt that I saw at a quilt show a few weeks ago. Someone had entered a full-sized quilt that she made entirely out of her scraps. The squares were 1 1/2″ and she sewed and quilted it entirely by hand. I was very impressed.

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