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Honorable Mention

Although I wasn’t a big winner in Craft’s Apron Contest, I did receive an honorable mention for my entry. Can you tell which one is mine? (hint, it’s red, white, blue, and gold and I’m currently making more!).
In other news, Rock Band Special Edition is out today – soon Bret, Taylor and I will become a virtual Partridge family! Speaking of family, I had my BIG sonogram today and we know the gender… That will have to wait until we get a hold of all of our family and let them know first (I know, I’m a tease).

What’s Happened With Celebrity Fashion?

It’s been a rough few weeks for celebrity fashion. Sure there’s been a few awards shows, movie premieres, and just random sightings, but honestly there hasn’t been much that’s caught my eye or even looked remotely similar to what most pattern companies have to offer. Last night was the American Music Awards – here’s what FabSugar has picked out as their ‘best dressed list.’ What do you think? Personally, I loved the back of Kellie Pickler’s dress (although I’m not a fan of the front). [Photo via Yeeeah]

I Won!

Sharon recently ran a contest on her blog where she was giving away copies of a new magazine called Make It Mine and I found out today that I won! I’m so excited – not just because I haven’t been able to find this issue at my local bookseller, but also because I rarely win contests (trust me, I have entered lots of contests – in fact, Did I ever mention that I used to run a blog devoted to sweepstakes, lotto and contest news?).
On the sewing home front, I haven’t accomplished much. Last night we went to a Professional Bull Riders competition and watched crazy men try to stay on a 2,000 lb. animal for 8 seconds. We had a great time, but I now have a new appreciation for the sport – especially after seeing (and hearing) those guys get slammed around by these massive animals and (many of them) walking away relatively unhurt. So, my goal for today is to get all the components of my aprons cut and ready to sew! How about you all, what do you plan on working on this week or are you taking a break from your hobby to concentrate on Thanksgiving?

Upcoming Projects

Stick a fork in my Christmas Stocking swap because it’s done! I spent the morning wrapping everything up – only the items I made for her dog managed to fit into the stocking (which seemed very appropriate since the stocking was for the dog anyway) and everything else just spilled into the box itself.

Hopefully, everything remains intact and nothing breaks during delivery!
Now onto some new projects. Up next – some aprons for the shop! With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve had several requests for Wonder Woman aprons. It’s been awhile since I’ve whipped one up, but I’m excited to do something TNT (tried and true). I also have some Gnomes that I would like to sew and a robe to make for an article (it will appear in Sew News sometime in fall of next year)! Of course, with an agenda like that it only means one thing – I’m easily sidetracked! Jalie has come out with several new patterns for winter and I’ve decided that I need several of them – especially the sweetheart neckline design. Now to get to making those aprons so I have the money for new patterns!

Charming Bag

The last of my Stocking Swap projects is complete! For this one, I made the Charming Handbag and Zippered Pouch from Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing:

I’m absolutely in love with the way this purse tuned out. The fabric was a bit of a menace to work with (it was a very thin weave and was slightly off grain), but the design came together without a hitch. The zippered pouch was also easy to put together, but I’ll admit that I really didn’t read over the directions on this one, I just used the dimensions to create the ‘right size’. To finish this gift off, I stuffed the zippered pouch with some purse necessities – tissues, some pretty smelling (mini) lotion, and Altoids.
If you’re wanting to read more about this bag, you can check out my ‘official’ review here.

And The Winner Is…..

According to the random number generator, the winner of the Winter Adorn issue is…… #25 – Shorty! Shorty if you’ll send me an email stacysews[at]gmail[dot]com with all your info, I’ll send this magazine on it’s way! Thanks to everyone who participated and left great comments!

Inspriation And Shopping

I just love the holidays. Stores seem to have such a cheerful atmosphere (unless you go shopping on Black Friday and then it’s more of a ‘fend for yourself’ type attitude) and I’m so inspired to create fabulous gifts! Speaking of inspiration, I recently received a copy of Quilting Art‘s special publication,Gifts (you can check out the table of contents here). Included in this debut issue are 17 quilted and mixed media projects – many that can be made in under a day. I’m sure that I’ll be sewing up a few wine bags (for those holiday parties), wrapped boxes, and napkin rings before Christmas arrives!
While we’re on the subject of holiday gifts…..

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