Princess Teeth, Treats, And Bags

Yesterday seemed to be full of activities. First, we had a visit to the dentist who finally pulled Taylor’s ‘princess tooth’. Why call it a princess tooth? Because it was PINK! Yes, pink. Apparently, it was a ‘ghost tooth’ – all the insides of her baby too had dissolved and you could see the gum tissue underneath. Since there wasn’t much structure to the tooth, pieces of it had finally chipped off and was causing her some pain.
We also managed to fix out Pumpkin cupcakes. Let me tell you, this may have been a box type mix, but it was a lot of work! There was butter to cream, even. Of course, most of the work came from the homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting – delish! Taylor and I packed up our goodies into some of Martha Stewart’s cute Halloween boxes and have shipped some off to family and friends.
Lastly, in the mail, I received my Sanibel bag and let me say it is so much better than what I had expected! Not only is it heavyweight, but the construction is beautiful – much better than what I’ve ever made in a bag. There are lots of pockets and zippers in this one as well as a snap closure on the sides so you can expand the size a bit if needed. Now off to buy some Scotch Guard to keep this beauty clean.

3 thoughts on “Princess Teeth, Treats, And Bags

  1. MelissaB

    Cute cupcakes & cute bag! I want one of those bags, how did you happen to score that? Lucky lady you are. Hope Taylor’s mouth is feeling okay, dental work is the pits.

  2. bernadette

    Oh – Seeing your pumpkin cakes reminded me about my new “bundt” pan, aquired just today at W.M. on a whim. It’s a Railway pan with an engine and seven assorted train cars. Each car is a little cake. My DH is a train buff and my grown sons and baby grandson will also get a kick out of it.

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