Cupcakes And Confidentiality

Happy Day-Before Halloween! Taylor has off of school the rest of this week so today will be spent baking pumpkin cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting), visiting the dentist, and maybe a bit of sewing.
I did finish up one more Office project (so no peeking to my swap partner):

Andy Bernard’s ‘confidential papers.’ This one obviously didn’t require any sewing, but I did have fun gathering (and creating) all sorts of paperwork to fill this expandable file folder. Inside I placed: A certificate of completion for Anger Management class as well as several handouts for tips on how to handle your anger, the words to Cornell’s Alma Matter, the rules for Frolf, the lyrics to Rockin’ Robin, Angela’s photograph with a list of her likes and dislikes, and a Kit Kat bar (in Andy’s opinion the best commercial jingle ever). I have one project left to finish – an Andy heart-shaped pillow and the I’ll be ready to send!
In other news, I am Pattern Review‘s featured member! If you’re visiting here from the site and want to know a little more about me, you can check out this entry on how I got started sewing.

1 thought on “Cupcakes And Confidentiality

  1. meg

    The cupcakes sound good, I love cream cheese icing. I am swerving away from Halloween this year, it is not a big deal here in Australia but is catching on and in previous years I have always made a fun time of it. call it pure laziness but this year I am pretending I forgot! LOL

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